NOS VDX-6740 - PBR construct - how to?

  • 20 February 2019
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hi there,
I cannot quite suss out the logic behind ACLs + PBR and am asking here hoping that someone can help.
I have an ACL:

ip access-list extended protect-VLANs
seq 10 permit ip host any
seq 50 deny ip any
seq 51 deny ip any
seq 90 permit ip any any

Now I go to PBR:

Interface Ve VlanZ
ip policy route-map protect-vlans permit 10 (Active)
match ip address acl protect-VLANs
set ip vrf protect-vlans next-hop
set ip vrf protect-vlans next-hop
set interface null0 (selected)
Policy routing matches: 0 packets Note: No counters available

VE's ip is onto which protect-vlans PBR is applied.

What I'm hoping to achieve is that only could get to VLANs "behind"
But with above no node, not can ping

I'm failing to understand the logic here, obviously.

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