Powering down VDX Fabric Logical chasis

  • 23 March 2018
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Hi everyone.

I do not have much experience with VDX,

Below is my situation:

We have four VDX6740 in logical chasis mode. Three have no principal switch priority, we have configured Principal priority 1 on Master switch. We will be moving to new data center, so my question is if we power down these switches and then power them up at new data center, will they lose the config?

My second question is there any way I can gracefully shutdown the switches rather than removing the power?


4 replies

I have only been playing with these (a pair of VDX 6740T's in logical chassis mode) for the past few days but have learned that removing power without taking prior action will result in loosing their config. Last night I issued "chassis power-cycle-db-shutdown" on each node via console connection before I powered them down. This morning when I powered them back up they had not lost any configuration.
Hi zeeshan qadir

some command are not visible in NOS and no listed in CLI guide

do follow

TH24_VDX_6740_FAB5_EDGE_A#unhide foscmd


TH24_VDX_6740_FAB5_EDGE_A# foscmd poweroff

this is terrible. These switches cannot stand a power outage. They comes up with default config and this is very disruptive having services connected to them.
fibranne password is not working for me. it should be the root password right ?