Reinstall Network OS on VDX6720-60-F after replacing dead CompactFlash drive

  • 6 March 2019
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Hi all,
We have VDX6720-60-F switch. CompactFlash drive (4Gb) on this switch is dead. We replace this flash drive to new one but we don't have Network OS (v4.1.3 or less) to reinstall.
Question: Where we can download this OS image or flash drive image ?
We will be grateful for any information.

3 replies

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Network OS software can be downloaded by logging into the Extreme Support Portal:

Products > Switching > VDX 6720 > NOS 4.1.3d

4.1.3d is the last supported version for the 6720 Hardware and we would recommend to use this version.
Hi, we try this, but we don't have access to download. We try open "Case" but on "Service level" step system say "We were not able to find a maintenance agreement or warranty for the information you provided."
On "Product" step we put SN from backside of switch. We thing our account still don't "ASSOCIATION".
How we can complete "ASSOCIATION" and download N-OS ?

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I see you have a case opened with us to have your portal account aligned to the correct company in our system. Please give us some time for this to be processed.
I should also mention that you may still be unable to download the software because of maintenance agreement/warranty status for this switch. That's another potential item that will need to be resolved.