VDX Does enabling router fabric-virtual-gateway disrupt layer 2 traffic?

  • 13 June 2019
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We currently use VDX for layer 2 switching only, and we are hoping to use them for some layer 3 routing.

According to the documentation once the command "router fabric -virtual-gateway" is enabled, Vlan interfaces need to be attached to rbridges as described below:

device(config)# interface ve 2000
device(config-Ve-2000)# attach rbridge-id add 54,55

Then the fabric gateway is enabled and ip address applied:

device(config-Ve-2000)# ip fabric-virtual-gateway
device(config-ip-fabric-virtual-gw)# enable
device(config-ip-fabric-virtual-gw)# gateway-address

Since vlans are create for layer 2 operation by creating them as interfaces, my concern is that layer2 switching will be interrupted after the router fabric-virtual-gateway is enabled until the attach command is issued, especially since this command is issued at the global ve command stanza, before the ip fabric-virtual-gateway is enabled.

Alas, I do not have a lab to test this, and will need to scale a maintenance window accordingly if layer 2 traffic is interrupted.

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Hello William,

Enabling fabric-virtual-gateway and creating the global VE interfaces will not affect the L2 traffic.