Is there any plan to provide updated release notes for IQ Engine versions

  • 3 November 2020
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Maybe I’m just missing something but as far as I can find these release notes are static and not kept up to date with known issues

example -

I learned today via a GTAC ticket, that there is currently an open CFD for the very issue I submitted a ticket for.

I’ve spent time investigating, troubleshooting, collecting documentation and submitting a ticket only to be told it’s a known issue and will be fixed in the next release. Why not publish known CFD’s for firmware so I don’t have to waste time on known issues?

14 replies

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Hi, John. Release Notes for the latest version of ExtremeCloud IQ are now posted at

You can obtain older Release Notes from the ExtremeCloud IQ page on the Extreme Portal.

I hope this is helpful.

Larry Kunz


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ExtremeCloud IQ has that info online at:





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All of the options you’ve presented still redirect to the same page I linked above.

The ExtremeCloud IQ release notes have been decent lately regarding addressed and known issues. My original post was specifically regarding IQ Engine release notes, which I’ve not seen get updated aside from the release of the subsequent firmware version notes.

That said, there are still instances where I’ve been told an ExtremeCloud IQ issue was known and it still was not present in the known issues section of the notes, so there is still some disconnect there as well.


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Hi, John--

It sounds like something might have been missed in the IQE release notes. Let me know which CFD you encountered and I will try to track down what happened and correct it. The IQE release notes are my domain.


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I don’t see this as something being missed, but more of a process issue. My concern is that there is currently little transparency between customers and support regarding known issues. It would seem we’re all individually rediscovering the wheel, troubleshooting and putting in tickets just for GTAC to often tell us there is already a CFD, or being told here in the Hub to reach out to our SE for more info. As far as I can find, CFD’s aren’t documented anywhere that is customer facing. If you click through all the IQE release notes, every single one states “There are no known issues in this release of IQ Engine”, until the subsequent firmware version is released at which  point all the “addressed issues” from the previous version are listed.

 A similar concern was raised by @daniel.schickmair here -


The two I’m currently aware of are CFD-5387 and CFD-3926. Both of these have been explained to me via recent GTAC cases, but I’d imagine there are many others I’m not aware of based on number of fixes in previous releases.

My understanding is that CFD-5387 affects the current latest firmware regarding high interference alarms (which I thought was fixed by CFD-4085 back in Jan 2020 - see this thread where I was told by another customer that this was a known issue 5 months before it was documented in the 10.0r8 release notes . I can’t help but wonder if other customers like @kevin.piazza are also spinning their wheels trying to solve problems caused by other known issues -


CFD-3926 is a 32-bit integer overflow affecting causing false reporting in ECIQ.


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@john_kern YES! I am with you 100%! I’m working with GTAC about some of these issues as we speak, and the engineer has confirmed that there are numerous bugs and issues with the firmware. As you said, not everything is transparent to the customers and I can legitimately say that I’m frustrated.


Thank you for sharing my post “”, because I brought this up when the engineer was looking at things and I showed him what was happening when you turn off a radio or turn it to sensor, and have one radio with 5GHz. Radio 0 stays between channels 36 and 64, radio 1 stays between 100 and 165. However, if you turn on a 2.4GHz radio and a 5GHz radio then the 5GHz radio will use all of the UNII channels. He was a bit perplexed and did imply that he may need to forward this internally to be looked at. However, that doesn’t even get to why AP650 core dumps were occurring with one radio on sensor and the other on 5GHz. 


I’ve had struggles with ExtremeCloud IQ and the AP650 firmware for a little over a year. The high interference warnings are still very present with 10.0r9b, adjust one or two things and then clients are dropped or not able to connect anymore. Having a list of everything that is known to be an issue within ExtremeCloud IQ and our AP firmware, would benefit everyone.


Needing to tweak WiFi constantly and trying to get things to work; only to find out that it was a bug the whole time has become a problematic consistant issue. Thank you, John, for the post :thumbsup:

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I’m totally with you guys, the release notes are a static note at the time of release and it’s super frustrating!

We have exactly the same issues with our AP650s as Kevin said, but I wanted to wait for the IQ Engine release notes after 10.0r9b before I open a ticket.

Thanks to you I don’t have to do that :thumbsup_tone3: .

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Thanks, John, Kevin, and Daniel--

Those are very valuable comments, and yes, the release notes are static at the time of release. I can see where this can be a source of frustration for network administrators and engineers, so I plan to open the discussion internally to look for ways to make this sustainably more transparent. 

I have a broad idea of where to go with the feedback you’ve provided in this thread, but if you have other pain points as they relate to known and addressed issues specifically, definitely drop them in this thread. Feel free to get others to contribute as well. Your needs should be driving my efforts.


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Thanks for your feedback Robert, this sounds promising.

I have indeed one question or pain point as you called it left from this thread:

Can you answer that?

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@jnicholas , of note, CFD-3926 was not included in the IQ Engine release notes for 6.5r13

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Hi John--

That bug has an ambiguous status which I am chasing down now. I intend to revise the release notes as soon as I find out the definitive status.


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Here’s another one I just found (access points are sporadically disconnecting from ECIQ ) which I’ve experienced but haven’t gotten around to digging into because it’s sporadic. In passing I was told it was a firewall/network issue, but looks like it was a firmware issue.

However, looking at the 10.0r9b release notes, I don’t see this mentioned. Are there different “tiers” of bug that do or don’t get included as “issues” in release notes?

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This latest firmware ( / 10.0r10 ) is a great example of the breakdown that is happening due to the lack of efficient documentation/communication channels. Not trying to twist any knives here, just wanting to point out how this is negatively effecting customers on the day-to-day


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It continues in 10.0r10a (, not mentioning fixed bugs: