Assign VLAN through radius

  • 13 October 2020
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Hey !

We are running ExtremeCloud IQ - On prem 

One SSID authenticats against a NPS radius.

Is it possile to assign the vlan for a user through a radius attribute? I mean not through user profiles? I know its possible to habe multiple user profile in extremecloudiq and assign those with radius attributes. What I’m looking for is a possibility to assign a new vlan to a user without touching the extremecloudiq or AP-configuration, simply by changing a AD attribute?


Thank you and best regards


4 replies

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I don’t think that is possible. We should be able to assign a user profile via radius attribute, but we’d have to configure the user profile. No client will be able to connect and ignore the VLAN set in the user profile, and all clients have to use a user profile. 

Hey Sam, thank you for your response.

My problem is that we need to assign more than 64 vlans per ssid, is there any way to make that possible? The problem is the limit of 64 user profiles per SSID.


Thank you and best regards


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Thank you for clarifying. Unfortunately the 64 VLAN limit is a hard limit, I don’t know of a way to get around that without using more than one SSID. I’m sorry I couldn’t be more helpful here. 

Since you are stuck on the limit have you looked at client classification to do some of the assignment for you? May be a way for you to reduce the user profile count to under 64 and let things like MAC address or OS sort the user beyond the Radius attribute. I use this to first drop the user into a profile then depending on the client classification they may end up in one of several VLANs.