ExtremeCloud Virtual Appliance VLANs

  • 18 October 2019
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Concerning which ports carry which VLANs on VE6120… The appliance comes with three ports, Mgmt, Port0 and Port1.

The installation manual only configures one data plane port and uses all VLANs (4095). I’d love to segregate this a little bit, say

  • use Port0 to carry the AP tunnel traffic  (which I would put in a dedicated VLAN)
  • use Port1 to carry the “egress” VLANs to the rest of the network.

Is that possible? Maybe it isn’t wise from a HA point of view? Other considerations? Are there some design best practices and more examples available somewhere?


1 reply

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It’s possible to do if you have different physical ports on the VM server. I would suggest you contact the GTAC for help and guidance.