Guest Network Control

  • 18 September 2020
  • 1 reply

I know that I can turn off the guest network at a specific time, but I’d really like to turn it off at different times for one of my other locations. There’s frequently public meetings there and I’d like to keep it on in one place but turn it off in the other locations.

Is this possible?

1 reply

Userlevel 6

You can assign different user profiles to clients based on location, and then apply different schedules to those different user profiles within the same SSID. If you go to Configure> Open your Network Policy> Open your SSID> Scroll down to the User Access Settings section within the SSID> Check the box next to Apply a different user profile to various clients and user groups> Add a new user profile for the second location with the different schedule (if you want to keep most of the same settings you can copy your existing user profile and then just tweak the schedule a bit)> Click on the plus icon under Assignment Rules on the same line as the new user profile and set the assignment rules to Location. This will require that you have maps set up and APs placed on those maps in the ML insights section of XIQ, just something to keep in mind. Is that what you were looking for?