VE6120 on Hyper-V ?

  • 12 February 2020
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We have a Hyper-V environment and we are interested in upgrading to VE6120 if a VM is supported under Hyper-V.

I can find information about VMware but not about Hyper-V.

Any info about that?

Thanks, Ph.

5 replies

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It will be supported in our XCA 4.76.01 release. That should be released soon. I would suggest reading the release notes before you upgrade. 


One more question, for how many access points can you use the virtual appliance?
Is it for smaller companies with only 10 to 15 access points or is it also possible to use if you have more ap’s? 
We have about 60 AP’s , is the virtual appliance something for us? 

Is there a release date vor the VE6120 on Hyper-V?

Or is a physical appliance still better?
Thanks, V.

We have a couple hundred APs on our VA, you should be fine with 60. 

We have a couple hundred APs on our VA, you should be fine with 60. 

Hi @Shannon Abby 

Is the VE6120 difficult to configure?
We have now the C25 and we can work and configure everything.
Is a new installation of the VE6120 something we should do with engineers with experience or is it pretty straight-forward to install everything (considering the fact that we already have experience with the C25 for some years)?

Thanks. V.

I thought it was pretty straight forward, but we had to do it ourselves, we were told Hyper-V was not supported at the time.