802.1x auth on wired network - sporadic success

  • 3 December 2018
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Howdy folks!
Working on getting Network Auth nailed down on our network.
Running EMC/Control with X450G2s running
802.1x auth is working and it is prompting (sometimes) on the Mac computers.
It's working perfectly on the Windows side of things.

What I'm seeing is that the first time a Mac connects, the 802.1x prompts come up, accept the cert, etc. And it works great.
After that, there's no prompting and the System Preferences line for 802.1x says "Authentication server is not responding"

Looking at the logs, it appears as if the devices simply aren't attempting 802.1x auth. Logs are showing radius auth instead (which is setup as a fall-back auth)

macOS versions range from 10.12-10.14.
Windows versions are 7 and 10 with various sub-versions.

I'm happy to share whatever logs y'all need to see.

Thanks for your help!

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