Creating a temperature alert in XMC for a "slot-B module"

  • 12 February 2019
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We have an x460t that keeps sending the messages below:

Feb 12 11: 02: 26 DM: Slot-1: plugin slot-B module temperature ( 50 C) is reaching maximum limit ( 65 Celsius) . ( X460-48t, P/ N: 800322-00-09,, Rev: 9. 0)

Feb 12 11: 02: 26 DM: Environment warning reported. Setting Environment LED color to Amber

I think module in question is the SS-V80 module, but I am not sure. I wanted to create a alarm in XMC to notify us of this, but I can't figure out if it is a trap, threshold, etc.There is a trap for "overheat" but we want to catch it before it gets to that point (and I am not sure if that only applies to the switch or any component of the switch like this module).

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