NetSight upgrade issue

  • 10 December 2014
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I want to install/upgrade with the NetSight_Suite_X.X.X.X_install_bin got from Extreme Site.
After I run chmod 755 NetSight.XXXXX.bin, and execute the bin file,
I got the following error.

I have tried 4.X, 5.x 6.X and 32bit/64bit NetSight version,
I got the same error, cannot access /tmp/NetSight_Suite_XXX/java file or directory.

How should I do, to install/upgrade NetSight correctly?

3 replies

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Do you want to install OR upgrade Netsight?
If you want to upgrade what is the currently installed version.
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I upgrade to 5.0 from 4.3 VM and install 6.1 on a new ubuntu OS.
They got the same result.

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I got the answer!
I got the broken upgrade bin file.
After download the correct file (checksum with md5), I can upgrade to the higher version.