Push SNMP settings with script

  • 3 December 2019
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Hello all.

I’d like to push new SNMP settings to EXOS stacks (and optionally SecureStacks) from XMC.

There’s a system-provided Python script, Configure SNMP Profile, that looks like it will just do that, but running it against an X440-G2 switch gives... unexpected results : XMC tries to run Cisco IOS commands against it (such as “show running-config | include snmp-server”), and of course, fails miserably.
Looking at the script source, I see no such explicit IOS command.
It’s pretty short and clear and heavily relies on API.

Is this script meant to be network-OS-agnostic as it looks it is ?
What could possibly make it mistake an EXOS switch for a Cisco IOS switch ?
Is there any other easy/built-in way to push SNMP settings from XMC ?

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