Unable to see application data of phones

  • 2 December 2019
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Have Telemetry Analytics configured on the core switches of the network on every port, so all traffic transitioning the network should be captured.

When looking at the analytics ‘Application Flows’ I am not seeing any data for any IP address a phone would use.

If I run a packet capture on the phone from the end-system section. After making various calls, the packet capture is always 0 in size?

Think I heard that maybe because I’m using ‘App Telemetry’  instead of a Flow Collector, UDP traffic will not be captured? Appreciate that traffic type probably will not be able to provide response times, maybe why its omited?

That said I would have expected some TCP control traffic to have taken place when calling and hanging up the phone, so can’t explain why no Analytic data for that IP is showing at all?

The telemetry configuration to the switch was all configured through XMC, so know that is all correct.

Seem to be seeing normal telemetry data for other devices like PC’s, so thats working as expected.

XMC version is:

Switch EXOS: ( X590)


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