Username Changes to Machine Hostname while Remote Desktop

  • 23 July 2019
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Hello Experts,

We have installed Extreme XMC with NAC module. We are doing user on boarding based on domain username and domain machine with dot1x authentcation. The switch port is configured for dot1x authentication and also policy is created on NAC to on board the user if it meets the criteria which is (domain user and domain machine).

The user on boarding works perfect after successfully authenticating for dot1x against the LDAP server and is allocated the appropriate VLAN as well.

The issue we are facing is if we Remote Desktops to the machine, instead of authenticating with the username, it shows up the remote machine host name as the username and since the policy is configured to validate using domain username it fails to onboard the machine.

1 reply

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Yes, been through this scenario before. NAC is functioning as designed, when a user uses RDC into their computer. The RDC session sends a log off or disconnect, I forget which and this causes the pc to login with its credentials, hence why you see it logged in as host/. Nothing can be done for it, other than not flipping vlans for those users. I believe you can use other remote software to access the pc, perhaps VNC or Teamviewer and the client device won't behave this way.