XMC reports blank, with enabled ports stats and flows

  • 24 May 2020
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Running XMC, plan to upgrade at some point.

At this time there are Extreme switches, Juniper and Palo firewalls modelled.

The Juniper firewalls currently only have the port stats enable and this seems to showing fine in interface history:


Also have one of the firewalls point Netflow directly to XMC and can see the flow data. We are currently only interested in L3-L4, top talkers. At this time L7 and response times are not required.


This issue is if you go the Analytics dashboard, or go to reports and look at Top Client, Application, Server or Top Ports by Bandwidth, Utilisation etc they are all blank.

In fact all the reports are blank yet the data is coming in, just wondering if anyone knows why?

Many thanks in advance

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