2015-11-23: New GTAC Knowledge Articles November 15 - November 21, 2015

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Here are the new articles that were published the week of
November 15 - November 21 2015 in GTAC Knowledge:

Sunday, November 15, 2015:
NAC Agent Causing Callouts to external IP addresses

Monday, November 16, 2015:
3rd Party Inventory Manager Pre and Post scripts not working
Unable to save Policy Domain "packet query is too large" is seen in server.log
What are perfTimer Execution messages?
Slot reboot on BD8K due to Async Queue growing with CustomType 42 messages
How To Widen NAC Captive Portal Landing Page Link
Why EDP Does not show any neighbors on Summit X460 with XGM3-4sf module installed?
NAC's Registration Via Facebook Login Shows Multiple Usernames Tied To Same Email Address
How to change MIB Overrides on multiple devices in Inventory Manager
Change the SSH port on Netsight to add devices
Cannot Type Username or Password in NetSight Login Window
Supporting tagged frames at access ports in openflow
How to disable OSPF Opaque LSA (Type 10) and why it is needed
Can login credentials be automatically populated in the userid and password fields when you telnet or SSH to a device?
Restore of NAC Database Missing NAC Notifications
Policy Enforce to XoS switches fails with CoS Transmit queue errors
How to enter Webview Diagnostics for Purview
7100-Series Writing TCAM error in Log
How do I post a script on Extreme Networks GitHub page?
How do I download Extreme Networks scripts from GitHub?
How to request a new script or enhancement of an existing script for Extreme Networks products?
SecureStack Stops Providing DHCP Addresses
Identifi wireless x.509 Certificate operation has failed error when installing certificate
Is there a quick reference or cheat sheet for EXOS?
How to connect to the switch console via RJ-45
Securestack - LACP link aggregation not working correctly with mismatched speeds and standby ports
Siem: Where can you download the Oracle DB listener script for the Oracle DSM?
How to find port speed in Chalet
Can you Change the IGMP Version from v2 to v3 on a Switch without impacting Clients using v2?

Tuesday, November 17, 2015:
S/K Series Link bounce causes all MSTPs to bounce but only 1 VLAN on port
How to troubleshoot why no information or just the MAC address is seen in the show lldp port remote-info port#
How to save your SecureStack configuration to a TFTP server
Firmware upgrade failed using "\" character in the scheduled backup
How to get the serial number via the Controller CLI?
What is CPU tXbdService process on Securestack?
How to Configure Basic IP Routing on Securestack
Extreme Networks Release Notes

Wednesday, November 18, 2015:
How To Configure Remote Logs for Access Points
10070H Base-T SFP doesn't link up in x450-G2
move Ether-Wake from one VLAN to another
How to troubleshoot cables connected to a SecureStack
What is the advanced routing license for the C5 series?
How do I remove expired Evaluation Licenses from Extranet Account view?
How to configure netlogin dot1x via policy manager in exos
SecureStack B3 has RFC3580 User Connectivity issues after Upgrade to firmware 6.03.xx
RtrArpProc Message seen in Syslog
S-Series : Host buffer manager errors
Normal operating temperature range for a Summit X670
IdentiFi Wireless Controller displays "Invalid configuration request" error during WS-AP3715E Deployment
Connecting redundant Metro Ethernet (Metro-E) connection between two locations brings network down

Thursday, November 19, 2015:
Netsight archive records indicating changes in configuration
What are the supported system limits per IdentiFi Wireless Controller?
How to Restore XSR to Factory Defaults
A spark is seen when linking a Lenovo Laptop to a patch panel that connects to a SecureStack PoE switch
OneView temperature alarms show different values than the CLI of the switch.
SecureStack reset edb_bxs_api.c(840) 118 %%Fault(0x00000E00) hapiRxTask
G-Series reset caused by buff.c(546) lldptask in Coredump
After upgrading to Android 6, some users are not able to authenticate when connecting to Wifi
IdentiFi - When is the end of firmware support for the RBT-4102?
NAC Manager Configuration Defaults - Expiration time
The number of WM3700 cluster licenses does not match the total number of AP's adopted when viewing the GUI.

Friday, November 20, 2015:
SecureStack reboots when command prompt is set to to 50 or more characters
S-Series not Routing Multicast in PIM Network
Does NetSight support the collection of sFlow data
Wireless: IOS and Android roaming issue on firmware 9.15.08 and 9.21.03
Error Generic Error(-1) from HAL on CardExec POWER_ON(0) for Slot-x
Which Extreme certification is equivalent to the ENA?
802.1x Clients not connecting to AP with secure tunnel encryption enabled
Where can I find the meaning of the LED indicators for Summit switches?

Saturday, November 21, 2015:
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