2017-03-20: New GTAC Knowledge Articles March 19 - 25, 2017

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Here are the new articles that were published March 19 - March 25, 2017 in GTAC Knowledge:

Sunday, March 19, 2017:

Monday, March 20, 2017:
What is the difference between "mac-tracking ports" and "create fdb mac-tracking entry" in MAC-tracking configuration?
MAC tracking can detect MAC addition or deletion or movement for VPLS instance?
How to enable debug in Extreme Management Center
Virtual Controller - adopted AP's won't upgrade firmware
What does protection do in 802.11 networks
How does the AP Accessibility Report get calculated
Wireless license key upgrade request has not been fulfilled within expected time frame
v2110 controller crash skb_release_data seen in crash data
The error counters are incrementing in Out-of-Band managment port.
What settings should I check and what data should I gather in the event that my v2110 controller on VMware crashes during normal operation
Where I can find the Azara HW serial number requested to activate my licenses?
AP in remote branch randomly loose Primary WASSP Tunnel
With netlogin dot1x Radius retries do not seem to work

Tuesday, March 21, 2017:
Extreme Management Subscription requires EWC v10.11.02 to enable capacity and radar licenses
Error message when making port changes to ELRP configuration
Pixelated, Jittery, or Shuttering Video Streams due to Flow Control
What is the reason for the following error "ACL Maximum rule reached" on the C-Series
Does NMS-BASE-XX license enables wireless statistics enables by the OneView
After creating a new vlan, Port remains Oper status down
The SNMP user specified in the Profile does not get "write-view" during the ZTP+ process
Which EXOS versions require a SSH license key for SSH module to work correctly?

Wednesday, March 22, 2017:
RSTP link-type configuration based on number of RSTP sites over VPLS network
Does the VX-9000 support XenServer v7 for VM installation?
What is the Acoustic Noise Level of a K-Series?
Captive portal registration fails after NetSight restore or NetSight VM snapshot restore
What is the Acoustic Noise Level of an S-Series?
How to upgrade WiNG AP firmware via CLI using FTP server
debug packet capture has caused the switch to reboot
AP7522 is not appearing as online in Azara cloud
How To Configure Traffic shaping Using an Outbound Rate Limiter on the S-Series
SNMPv3 EngineBoots and EngineTime objects are not correctly maintained in SummitStack.
Can I add ISC port as a member to MPLS VLANs?
User not able to access APP Center GUI on NX65 after upgrade to 5.8.4
Where can I find "messages" files and "dmesg" files in identiFi controller?
How to get tech-support file via SSH (identiFi)
There are warning messages "Received hellos from process exsshd more often then expected"
How to do a DCS interference scan in identiFi for Radio 2 (2.4GHz)

Thursday, March 23, 2017:
Where can I find MIBs for WING APs & WLC?
Should the VX9000 v5.8.x (FACTORY DEFAULTED) CLI Command 'Show Licenses' present VX-LICENSE and/or NSIGHT WITH ZERO COUNT
What is the last firmware release for the legacy AP5131?
NetSight threshold alarms still processed after disabling interface statistics collection
Where is the ADSP VMware Tools Installation guide posted?
How to use Alarm Manager
What is the Vendor Class Identifier (VCI) of the Extreme AP3865e
Does Azara Cloud Support internal radius with 802.1X WLAN, as well as external LDAP with internal radius?
Options for Feedback on the Extreme Portal
What is the Acoustic Noise Level of 7100-Series?
Wireless Manager is unable to synch with controller when Guardian AP is configured
How to determine if EXOS is software learning FDB entries.
Why Start with the Right Serial Number?
Unable to find "Saved device configuration (backup)" for device just added via ZTP
There are no statistics for the Sensor Process in Analytics
How do I measure the wireless performance of a client on an access point and what factors might impact performance
Switch port details modification in NAC end system

Friday, March 24, 2017:
Error: Port doesn't support virtual routers. Can not be added to user VR.
In hpcBroadInit:1003, could not find the board
AirDefense Services Platform - ADSP appliance encounters Unexpected Inconsistency Run fsck manually - Error on bootup
What is the session duration time in Analytics bidrectiional view?
What is the default iparp refresh time in accordance with iparp timeout time?
How to upgrade adopted APs from the virtual controller?
tBcmxSync or HAL process crash with Policy and DiffServ replacement enabled
AP crashes frequently in areas with thousands of wifi-clients that are medical devices
Scheduled Backup in the Wireless Controller will happen not at the configured time

Saturday, March 25, 2017:
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Thomas, Ken, Alum

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Posted 2 years ago

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Photo of Joshua Puusep

Joshua Puusep

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Howdy,  I might have asked this awhile back, but would it be possible to sort these lists by product rather than date?  The date seems a lot less pertinent, at least for my team.  Sorting by product would save a decent amount of time as we sift through these each week.  Have other users expressed interest in sorting by product?  Thank you much :-).
Photo of Ronald Dvorak

Ronald Dvorak, Embassador

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I've mentioned last time that it would be great to have the product type/group/model in the subject line.

i.e. "AP crashes frequently in areas with thousands of wifi-clients that are medical devices" - I'd need to look into the KB to see for which WLAN solution that KB is.
Photo of Thomas, Ken

Thomas, Ken, Alum

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Ron, I am going to chat with our Knowledge Manager about your suggestion; she is on a plane right now. :) I think it is a good best practice and hopefully we can roll this out. I did edit the title of your example to include IdentiFi in the title.

Joshua, I do have on my radar to change the format of the new articles list so it is more useful. With the search in the Extreme Portal, you can use a filter and then sort by date to see what has been modified recently.  However, the list I publish here on the Hub is the brand new, first time made public articles. We do not have the Created Date exposed in the new extreme portal or in the Knowledge Base; we only show the Modified Date. Here is a knowledge search for IdentiFi Wireless, sorted by modified date. This will show you the articles that were recently updated for this product.

We hope to release more functionality in the future to make this all work even better.