C5/B5/A4-Series f/w Reset from dot1s_timer_task with 'dot1sStateMachineClassifier' diagnostic

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C5-Series, firmware f/w through
B5-Series, firmware f/w through
A4-Series, firmware f/w through

Unit reboot.

The current.log (5487) displays a "Task dot1s_timer_task(<address>) is suspended..." message, with last reset cause "sal.c" and all-zero error code; for example:

<160>Oct 5 10:12:48 SIM[229649568]: assert.c(83) 349 %% Error(0x0)
<160>Oct 5 10:12:49 SIM[75442704]: hwutils.c(4079) 350 %% ERROR:Code exception: 1 minute before watchdog will no longer be serviced.
Task dot1s_timer_task(0xdb02ca0) is suspended with error 1, creating file sysDmp1Oct0513.z
<57>OCT 05 10:13:33 2013 STK1 BOOT[536870160]: bootos.c(587) 157 %% Start of Code - Build: Date:Thu Jun 27 19:27:00 2013
<110>OCT 05 10:15:57 2013 STK1 BOOT[188893872]: edb_bxs.c(1263) 159 %% Last switch reset caused by sal.c(1184): Error code 0x00000000, after 2688787 seconds

The sysDmp (13650) file states "Task dot1s_timer_task" and displays a "dot1sStateMachineClassifier" diagnostic; for example:

Detailed erred task information

Calling Stack:
Task ID:        0xdb02ca0
Task Name:    dot1s_timer_task
PC:                  0x141c084
PendQ:            0x13771034
SP:                  0xdb01500

0x141c084: taskSuspend (0x141be28) + 0x25c
0x1294e0c: log_error_nvram (0x1294ae4) + 0x328
0x1ee5cc: _default_assert (0x1ee488) + 0x144
0x1ee478: _sal_assert (0x1ee45c) + 0x1c
0x1f3764: sal_dma_free (0x1f370c) + 0x58
0x2abec: hapiBroadSend (0x29900) + 0x12ec
0x194ec: dapiCtl (0x19074) + 0x478
0x5d2080: dtlPduTransmit (0x5d1f50) + 0x130
0x11fb348: dot1sBpduTransmit (0x11fb154) + 0x1f4
0x11fbd84: dot1sMstpTx (0x11fb388) + 0x9fc
0x11f1e40: dot1sPtxRstpAction (0x11f1e18) + 0x28
0x11f85ec: dot1sPtxMachine (0x11f8554) + 0x98
0x11f2ae0: dot1sStateMachineClassifier (0x11f2978) + 0x168
0x11f7fd0: dot1sPtxGenerateEvents (0x11f7dc4) + 0x20c
0x11f2ae0: dot1sStateMachineClassifier (0x11f2978) + 0x168
0x11f30b8: dot1sTimerGenerateEvents (0x11f2cc4) + 0x3f4
0x11dce58: dot1sTimerAction (0x11dcb64) + 0x2f4
0x11dd2e4: dot1s_timer_task (0x11dd260) + 0x84
0x137cd0c: vxTaskEntry (0x137ccc4) + 0x48

Upgrade to firmware or higher.
Release notes state, in the 'Changes and Enhancements in' section:
18787, 18870   Corrected a potential reset condition with the resulting log message "Last switch reset was caused by sal.c(1184): Error code 0x00000000".
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