Configure port to allow/forward and tag all VLANs configured in the switch

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Hi all!

It's a bit hard to explain as I am not a switch expert, but I am trying to give a description below. If anything is unclear, please let me know and I will try and provide more/different information.

I have several switches (X440's), and I have about 12 VLAN's, and they are the same in all of them. Every time I create a new VLAN (not that often, but it happens), I first create the VLAN in all the switches - this is OK, and must be done. However, what I want to do is to have one or multiple ports in the switches to simply forward all my VLAN's. That way I don't have to both create the VLAN and configure the port to allow for the tagged VLAN.

So basically I would like one or several ports in each switch to forward, and tag all available VLAN's in the specific switch.

The reason for this is "of course" to only configure these trunk ports once, and only create new VLAN's when I need them.

Thanks in advance.
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Posted 2 years ago

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Alexander Romanov

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You can use script to create and add vlan to nesessary ports.
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Hi Kaare,

I am sorry that there is no such feature to tag all the VLANs to particular port in EXOS(Some vendors call it trunk port). A newly created VLAN must be manually added to a port either tagged or untagged. Hope that there will be a feature change in future.
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Thanks to both of you!!

Regarding scripting I think this will be the same amount of work for me since we're only talking about one port in each switch, but thanks for the tip. Will look into it.
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I am not sure if this is what you are looking for.

Starting from 16.1 we have an option to specify VLAN-ID, list.

"configure vlan 2,5,6 add ports 1:1,1:5 tagged"
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You are looking for MVRP. If you create the vlan on both switches and add it to one active port on each switch it MVRP can dynamically add the vlan to your uplink ports. 
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I think this is exactly what I'm looking (will certainly test it). Thanks a lot!!
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As suggested by David yes you can look at the option of using MVRP as one solution here. I would like  to add few more points to what is said earlier:

MVRP, which replaced GVRP, is a standards-based layer 2 protocol for automatic configuration of VLAN information on switches. Within a layer 2 network, MVRP provides a method to dynamically share VLAN information and configure the needed VLANs. For example, in order to add a switch port to a VLAN, only the end port, or the VLAN-supporting network device connected to the switchport, need be reconfigured, and all necessary VLAN trunks are dynamically created on the other MVRP-enabled switches. Without using MVRP, either a manual configuration of VLAN trunks or some other tedious methods might be in use which causes further criticality in to network .

It is through MVRP that dynamic VLAN entries will be updated in the filtering database. In short, MVRP helps to maintain VLAN configuration dynamically based on current network configurations.

To have more information on this protocol you can check online many more documents already available.
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Thank you very much for the detailed explanation!
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Thanks for joining the Hub Kaare_t.  

We very much appreciate your trust in Extreme Networks!