HiPath AP 3610/3620 Resetting every 20 to 30 Seconds upon First Install

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AP3610, AP3620 

New install, or adding new Access Points (APs) to a HiPath Wireless Controller (HWC). 

The AP resets every 20 to 30 seconds after it gets a DHCP address.
Error message displayed on the AP's local console port, or via SSH to the AP's IP address (default SSH login: admin; password: new2day):
ktrapMonitor: process (cap) is missing 

This is due to a misconfiguration of the DHCP scope Option 78, whereby an option other than "Byte" (for example, "IP" or "String") was sent by the DHCP server to the AP. 

In a switched environment, remove the incorrectly configured Option 78 from the DHCP server.
In a routed environment, correctly configure Option 78 on the DHCP server, necessary in order to use the server with HiPath Wireless Access Points on a different subnet:
  1. Assuming a Windows-based server, go to "Control Panel -Administrative Tools -DHCP". Notice that the DHCP server now is down.
  2. To configure the SLP options; right-click on the server and choose "Set Predefined Options...".
      Set a Name (e.g. "SLP DA"), use Data type "Byte", check the Array box, use Code "78", set a Description (e.g. "SLP Option for HiPath Controller"); then click OK.
    • To configure the server options, right-click the Server Option line below the server and choose "Configure Options...". Find the option 78 and enter the appropriate data.
        In the mandatory Data Entry Byte box (using Decimal format), type 0 (can be overridden by a static IP) or 1 (overrides a static IP) then click Add. Then type the IP address of the HiPath Wireless controller, adding each octet separately. For example; for address, type1 (mandatory value) , click Add, type 192, click Add, type 168, click Add, and so on. When done, type OK.
      • To create the DHCP scope, right-click on the server and choose "New Scope...". When the Wizard starts, follow all steps to configure the scope. Upon completion select "Yes, I want to activate this scope now", then click Next>.
      • To authorize the DHCP server into Active Directory, from the pulldown menu go to "Action -Authorize".
      • To start the service, right-click on the server and choose "All Tasks -Restart".
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