How do i trunk 2 extreme 440s together via mm fiber?

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I am very new to Extreme and have been successful on single setups without complex configurations. The new situation is between extreme summit 48 and a 24 POE switches. I have the 48 working fine, i can run the other straight equally fine. When i connect the two via fiber, the ports shut down on the secon (24 port) switch. Please assist if you can. I feel so ridiculous asking, but i need so support. getting frustrated and im sure it is an easy fix!
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Posted 4 years ago

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Can you describe how you interconnect them and the related config? When you say "the ports shut down", you mean all the ports, or the one you have connected to the other switch? Have you enabled Spanning Tree?

Based on your info, my guess is that you enabled Spanning Tree on the switches, and you tried to create a LAG between them, without the correct LAG config, resulting in a loop.

So, in case the above is correct, you can simply create a LAG (ports 1 and 2 are member of the LAG) this way:

# enable sharing 1 grouping 1,2 lacp

This will use a basic L2 address-based hashing, you can change it by adding the "algorithm" keyword and configure another one.
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Here is  the basic information and maybe this information was missed:
Warning: Any config on the master port is lost (STP, IGMP Filter, IGMP Static Group, MAC-Security, CFM, etc.)

enable sharing 25 group 25-26 lacp
25 is the lead port

To check status
show port sharing

* X150-24p.40 # enable sharing 25 group 25-26 lacp
Warning: Any config on the master port is lost (STP, IGMP Filter, IGMP Static Group, MAC-Security, CFM, etc.)

* X150-24p.41 # show port sharing
Load Sharing Monitor
Config    Current    Agg       Ld Share    Ld Share  Agg   Link    Link Up
Master    Master     Control   Algorithm   Group     Mbr   State   Transitions
    25               LACP      L2          25         -      R        0
                                      L2          26         -      R        0
Link State: A-Active, D-Disabled, R-Ready, NP-Port not present, L-Loopback
Load Sharing Algorithm: (L2) Layer 2 address based
                        (L3_L4) Layer 3 address and Layer 4 port based

I hope this helps
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ok, so here is what i have configured from knowledge...
i have only one vlan-default both are set to the same within themselves
I have no special tagged ports or QOS or anything special. I am trying to get the "trunking" set up first.. When i say the ports crash, i mean on the second switch, all UTP ports stop transmitting. I can see and talk to both switches on the same network from any port used behind my firewall. The main switch behaves and performs normally with all 48 ports. i am connected between the two switches with SFP's using MM fiber. These ports never turn off (SFP ports) but on the second switch, this is the only thing it does. If i remove the fiber from the second switch, then reboot switch, and use a fiber to utp converter, i can plug into any port and the switch functions fine... i ran fiber for a reason...  my harware to recap is (main 460 summit 48p) (second summit XXX 24p)
I am not at that project currently so i dont have exactly all the details but i have enough to describe problem
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So all you're doing is plugging one into the other with essentially a default config with one pair of fiber and all the copper ports on the 24 stop passing traffic? You keep saying trunking; but at the moment you don't actually have more than one link between the two switches or any vlans?

Is anything going into the log? ("show log")
Are you sure you started from completely blank configs?
Have you tried upgrading the firmware?