How do I clear the MAC address table on Enterasys?

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I'm new to working with Enterasys products and I can't figure out how to clear the table of dynamic-learned MAC addresses.  I've got mostly N-series chassis and C Series stackable switches.

Thanks for any help.


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Posted 5 years ago

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Does  "clear mac all" do what you want?   
I see it on the N-series gear,  but no equivalent on the stackables apparently.
 Typically MAC address flush themselves after a timeout period, typically 5 minutes, if they haven't been seen.   ("show mac age" on at least some stackables)

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the clear mac all command seems to only clear any static mac configuration.
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This is the answer for the Stackables, with some broader applicability as well:
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wow!  so the answer appears to be- there is no way to clear the table without resetting the switch or resetting the individual ports. Both of which are of course intrusive.

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I am sorry to tell you that you cannot clear the mac's via the CLI.
IF you want to cause a topology change(not recommended) then this would do it for the switch that you are on but again a topology change is not a good thing
set spantree disable or changing the root bridge
set spantree priority 2048 (default is 32768) but you may need to see who is root
Show spantree stats active

But again,
this is not recommended


A2H124-48-197.145(su)->show spantree sta a
Spanning tree status       - enabled
Spanning tree instance     - 0
Designated Root MacAddr    - 00:11:88:3A:FC:58  <----Root
Designated Root Port       - 0
Designated Root Priority   - 0  <-------------------------root
Designated Root Cost       - 0
Root Max Age               - 20
Root Hello Time            - 2
Root Forward Delay         - 15
Bridge ID MAC Address      - 00:11:88:3A:FC:58
Bridge ID Priority         - 0
Bridge Max Age             - 20
Bridge Hello Time          - 2
Bridge Forward Delay       - 15
Topology Change Count      - 2
Time Since Top Change      - 0 days 0:0:15
Max Hops                   - 20
 SID   Port         State              Role          Cost        Priority
 ---   ----------   ----------------   -----------   --------    --------
 0      fe.1.1       Forwarding         Designated    200000      128    

A2H124-48-197.145(su)->set spantree priority 2048
A2H124-48-197.145(su)->show mac
  MAC Address        FID         Port        Type
  -----------------  ----------  ----------  --------
00-01-F4-41-E3-4E    196         fe.1.1      Learned      
00-01-F4-5C-27-C0    196         fe.1.1      Learned      
00-0C-F1-6F-A8-9A    196         fe.1.1      Learned      
00-0C-F1-71-9B-FB    196         fe.1.1      Learned      
00-1F-45-74-BF-74    196         fe.1.1      Learned      
00-25-64-B9-E8-9D    196         fe.1.1      Learned      
00-80-C7-FF-F1-9F    196         fe.1.1      Learned      
00-C0-9F-2B-C3-EE    196         fe.1.1      Learned      
00-01-F4-41-E3-4E    197         fe.1.1      Learned      
00-01-F4-7A-FC-F5    197         fe.1.1      Learned      
00-01-F4-7B-01-7E    197         fe.1.1      Learned      
00-11-88-06-22-5C    197         fe.1.1      Learned      
00-11-88-06-22-F5    197         fe.1.1      Learned      
00-11-88-06-24-27    197         fe.1.1      Learned      
00-11-88-06-24-E7    197         fe.1.1      Learned      
00-11-88-06-24-F3    197         fe.1.1      Learned      
00-11-88-3A-FC-58    197         host        Management   
00-11-88-61-47-79    197         fe.1.1      Learned      
00-01-F4-41-E3-4E    198         fe.1.1      Learned      
00-01-F4-5C-C6-20    198         fe.1.1      Learned      
00-11-88-13-2D-61    198         fe.1.1      Learned      
00-11-88-61-47-76    198         fe.1.1      Learned      
00-11-88-A8-83-54    198         fe.1.1      Learned      
00-11-88-C0-7F-40    198         fe.1.1      Learned      

Approx 26 addresses

A2H124-48-197.145(su)->set spantree priority 32768

A2H124-48-197.145(su)->show mac                  
  MAC Address        FID         Port        Type
  -----------------  ----------  ----------  --------
00-11-88-3A-FC-58    197         host        Management   

Now just the host until new addresses are elarned