I/G/C/B-Series f/w Sflow Timer triggers Inventory Manager config-change Alert

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I-Series, firmware through
G-Series, firmware through
C5-Series, firmware through
C3-Series, firmware through
B5-Series, firmware through
B3-Series, firmware through
NetSight Inventory Manager

Configured sFlow ('set sflow...'; 12908).

SFlow receiver timeout value continually decreases.
Inventory Manager reports a configuration change having occurred in its managed sflow-configured switch(es).

As explained in 13973, the timeout value for each of the configured sFlow receivers continually decrements. With the above-stated firmware, this process is also reflected in the respective 'set sflow receiver ... owner ... timeout' commands as viewed in the configuration ('show config sflow').

Because of what amounts to a continually changing switch configuration, Inventory Manager will always report that the configuration has changed since the last time it checked.

Upgrade to firmware or higher.
Release notes state, in the 'Firmware Changes and Enhancements' section:
14757   sFlow Receivers are no longer persistent and will not be displayed in the running-config. Receivers can be viewed using the "show sflow receivers" command. This will prevent receiver timers from making configurations appear to change in Inventory Manager.

Side-effects of the fix:
    • "...will not be displayed in the running-config.": The 'set sflow receiver ... owner ... timeout' command no longer appears in the configuration, so the configured owner and current timeout may only be viewed by using the 'show sflow receivers' query as demonstrated below.
    • "Receivers are no longer persistent...": Any sflow receiver will not be properly (re-)created anytime the system is power cycled or reset for any reason. The same shortcoming will occur if the user saves ('show config outfile...') then reloads ('configure...') an sFlow-containing configuration (5623) without ediiting it between those two steps to restore the "missing" 'set sflow receiver ... owner ... timeout' command(s).

    This sFlow sample config uses firmware or higher, and the guidelines presented in 12908 and 13973.
    C3(su)->set sflow receiver 1 ip
    C3(su)->set sflow receiver 1 owner myCollector timeout 3153600000
    C3(su)->set sflow port ge.1.1-24 sampler 1
    C3(su)->set sflow port ge.1.1-24 sampler rate 1024
    C3(su)->set sflow port ge.1.1-24 poller 1
    C3(su)->set sflow port ge.1.1-24 poller interval 60
    C3(su)->show config sflow
    This command shows non-default configurations only.
    Use 'show config all' to show both default and non-default configurations.

    # Firmware Revision:

    set sflow receiver 1 ip
    set sflow port ge.1.1-24 sampler 1
    set sflow port ge.1.1 sampler rate 1024
    . . .
    set sflow port ge.1.24 sampler rate 1024
    set sflow port ge.1.1-24 poller 1
    set sflow port ge.1.1 poller interval 60
    . . .
    set sflow port ge.1.24 poller interval 60

    C3(su)->show sflow ?

    agent Displays sFlow agent information.
    interface Display interface used for source IP address.
    pollers Displays sFlow Pollers information.
    receivers Displays sFlow receivers information.
    samplers Displays sFlow samplers information.

    C3(su)->show sflow receivers

    Receiver Time out Max Datagram Port IP Address Owner String
    Index Size (Truncated)
    -------- ---------- ------------ ----- ---------------- -----------------
    1 3153599792 1400 6343 myCollector
    2 0 1400 6343
    3 0 1400 6343
    4 0 1400 6343
    5 0 1400 6343
    6 0 1400 6343
    7 0 1400 6343
    8 0 1400 6343

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