Is it possible to restore the software portion of Extreme Summit 400-48T?

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There was a problem with the switch Extreme Summit x480-48T this series. After starting Reconnecting and track via COM port (via Putty, minicom).
There may be loaded into BootRom, reset to default (default). But fails to boot further is a process of decompressing .... and so constantly in the loop restarts.

Please tell me whether it is possible in this case, the soft part of the upgrade or reinstall? BootRom not possible to enter a command download image.
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Posted 3 years ago

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Alexandr P, Embassador

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Hi, Constantine!

What version of BootRom?
Be aware that newer versions of EXOS for X480 is differenet then EXOS for other Summit switches - its named summitX480 but not summitX.

Thank you!
Hi, AlexanderP

BootRom version 4.9
Primary software version 7.3e.0.43 [non-ssh]
Secondary software version 7.3e.0.43 [non-ssh]

Please help me. It is necessary to restore it. Settings do not know the port Mgmt.
The operating system is not dipped or in Primary and not in Secondary.

Thank you!
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Drew C., Community Manager

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This output is from an ExtremeWare device, which the X480 doesn't run.  If you can clarify the hardware model you're using, I'll see if I can dig up a recovery procedure.
However, if it won't boot into either of the software partitions (primary or secondary), it is likely there is some sort of hardware failure.
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EtherMAN, Embassador

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Hmmm looks more like a summit series switch which is not XOS but extremeware... They are correct if it will not boot in either partition then you have a hardware issue... I have seen many of the old summit switches go into this state... they stop responding and will not boot back up... 
I'm sorry, I was wrong. This model 400-48T
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Alexandr P, Embassador

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Its some strange versions.
BootRom have to have 4 digits - like
To see version of BootRom - type version
(or you can see through EXOS - #show version)
Do not confuse BootRom with BootStrap.

Also - software version 7.3e.0.43 - is it ExtremeWare soft? because normally EXOS version show different digits that you show.
Like below:
# show version

Switch      : 800544-00-03 xxxxG-xxxxx Rev 3.0 BootROM:    IMG:

PSU-1       : Internal Power Supply


Image   : ExtremeXOS version v1551b6 by release-manager

          on Fri Apr 25 19:54:27 EDT 2014

BootROM :

Diagnostics : 1.5

Thank you!

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Drew C., Community Manager

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The output is definitely from an ExtremeWare switch.
That's right. I'm in a different BootRom can not get, the team limited one letter all. There will not execute the following command - show version  .    Command - v .

Thank You!
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Alexandr P, Embassador

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In BootRom there is no show version command. To check version you have to type - version.
All commands for BootRom you can see when type "?"
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Paul Russo, Alum

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Hey Constantine

Just to be clear you have already gone into bootrom and set the config to none or default?  After that the switch is still in a loop?

If you can get into the bootrom again you should be able to download a new image using zmodem.  It will take some time but it is there.

Yes, I think it will turn out, but I do not know how it's done. TFTP server is already raised. And then as it is not clear.

Thank You!
Please help, I need instructions on how to perform the connection procedure
load code image from serial port using Xmodem

I'm sorry, I was wrong. This model 400-48T

Thank You!
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Brandon Clay, Escalation Support Engineer

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Hi Constantine,

Here's an old procedure I found for doing this. Hopefully it will be helpful.

Goal:  How can I download an image using the Xmodem Protocol?
Product: General Symptoms : None Description : Uploading the image using the serial port is sometimes required when TFTP upload fails. Solution :
The following procedure can be used to upload any software version to the switch via the serial port:
1) Reset the switch.
a) Connect a terminal session to the console port of the switch.
b) While holding down the space bar, power cycle the switch. This will bring up the boot menu.
2) Press "h" for the command list.
3) Press "b" to change the baud rate of the console port of the switch.
4) Press "1" to select 38.4Kb/s rate. This will shorten the time required to download the image to the switch.
5) Disconnect the terminal session by clicking on the disconnect button in the window.
6) Change the terminal properties serial communication rate to 38.4Kb/s. 7) Reconnect by clicking on the reconnect button.
8) Press the "enter" key to ensure that you are communicating with the console port on the switch.
9) Press "s" to start serial download.
10) Start the file transfer from the terminal window. Use the Xmodem transfer protocol.
11) Transfer the file <file name of software image>.
12) After the transfer has been completed, press "g", to reboot the switch from the image now in memory (not flash).
13) Change the communication data rate of the terminal application back to 9.6Kb/s.
14) Press "enter" twice.
15) Enter "admin" for login, and press the "enter" key for the password.
16) Enter "sh version" to see the operational version of the switch. It should now show <file name of software image> and no configuration file.
17) Upload the software version you want via TFTP, as the current version is in memory only, and will be lost if the switch is rebooted.

Yes, thank you. I went to try.