Main difference between EXOS 16.2.x and EXOS 21.1x?

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Hello to the community,

Usually for my hardware there are two suggestion EXOS or EXOS (

But, what are the main differences between these two line of version? Is it 16.2.x more stable that 21.1.x? There are commands that exists in one version or another? From which can I profit more power for my hardware, or is not related...

I am looking for some EXOS documentation where I can see the explanation of this two lines of version, I know there is the Release Notes for each one, but beside of that, is there another document that centralizes the differences, advantages, features etc of both?.

Thanks in advanced for any reply.

My hardware;
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Posted 2 years ago

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21.x.x should be used for the G2 devices moving forward.  I think it's a better train of code and will have more enhancements to Policy / STP / NodeAlias etc... Well, that might be in version 22.xx.  But, I have stayed away from 16.xx code.  I felt it had some major issues.  We are running with success.  
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I think its better to get 22.2 for your X460-G2. You get free adv-edge license upgrade. Meaning you can run MLAG (edge lic) with VRRP (adv-edge lic).
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Hi Xperia Go,

The best place to look for differences (feature wise) is the release notes for those versions. Features will be added in the major and minor revisions ( Generally speaking, when the third number increments, that is going to increase the stability as that is where fixes generally get put into code. There will be some fixes going into minor version increases, but features will also be added in minor version increases. Hope this makes sense.

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16.x runs on all the older model switches, so if you've got both old and new models and prefer to run the same version on everything, go with that. But since you have only new models, I would run 21.x, it has more features and will get more active development over time.
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Thank you all for your answers, for sharing your thoughts and experiences.

In conclusion; the best place for differences between these two lines of version are in the Release Notes, there is not unify document. Keep 21.x if there are only new models. The increase in the third number of the version, indicates stability.

I think, it will be useful if Extreme provide a road-map doc for those version.

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16.2 and 21.1 (specifically) have many common features, and as already explained by the other replies, 16.x is for the "G1" series while 21.1/22.x is for the "G2" and latest platforms only.

For the platforms that are eligible to both version, I can understand the hesitation. The answer, for the short-term, depends really on your needs. Maturity of code is important, and 16.x has more maturity. 21.1 will surely pretend very soon to the same level of code maturity. If you don't need a specific feature from 21/22, stability should be your main concern, and 16.x seems very good in that. Also, if you have many G1 on your network, running a single EXOS release can be a significant value for your organization. I'd not rule that out.

That being said, there's a significant code architecture change between 16.x and 21/22. All the automation, Apps, linux kernel enhancements, REST API, JSONRPC... are only available in 21/22, and will only be available in that train release, because of the architectural changes.

Of course, the different release cycles will give you as well more features to come for 22.x than 16.x, and a longer support period as well.
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Thanks for the reply.

For the moment and for our network needs we are looking stability for the type of service we are providing.
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I would say, the 16 code for me was no good using policy.  If your not using policy, go with 16.  Although, I like the ezspantree functionality *available in an xmod* for setting up stpd.