New GTAC Knowledge Articles August 2 - 8, 2015

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The GTAC engineers reviewed a lot of articles last week on Tuesday and as a result we published a very big list of articles! This is the largest group we have published so far in a week since after the launch of the GTAC KB. We are looking into grouping this list of new articles by product/software in the future, so that the list is more useful. Please let us know if you think this will be a useful feature.

Here are the new articles that were published last week (August 02 - August 08 2015) in GTAC Knowledge:

Sunday, August 02, 2015:

Monday, August 03, 2015:
Network performance issue
Frequent error messages "Setting hwclock time to system time, and broadcasting time" seen in the logs
Cannot Set Radio Channels 36-48 in Macau(Taiwan) for 40Mhz
What is the Minimum Firmware that Supports the AP3865?
Why is the ACL rule order always set to 'last' in the Show Configuration "ACL" output?
Common Issues: Unable to connect to NetSight Server Error
Newly created guest accounts can't login to IdentiFI captive portal
How to Recover the Wireless Controller from File System Corruption
How To Configure an AP to find the IdentiFi Wireless Controller from a DNS server entry.
How To Configure an AP to Find the IdentiFi Wireless Controller with DHCP Option 78 on a Linux Server

Tuesday, August 04, 2015:
K Series: Sluggish CLI For 12 Minutes After Upgrade
APs resetting every few hours in low AP density
Alternate port doesn't become active in failover
C3 Switch keeps resetting with Osapi.c(3110) error
When performing Compass search in Netsight, MAC OUI resolution is not wanted
7100-Series InDiscards with low traffic
7100-Series same number of InDiscards and OutDiscards
After upgrade to V9.12.01 from 8.32 all Guest Accounts set password to "null"
local DHCP on esa0 is not working with V09.12.02.0006 after forced upgrade
DFE: Core dump files written while upgrading from 6.12.xx to 07.62.xx
Weatherproofing an AP question
Can Securestacks be Upgraded From 6.03.X.X to 6.61.x.X or Higher?
DDMI provide not correct info related to our 40GSR4 optics.
IP Connectivity issue SecureStack
N-Series: Empire lookup DDR errors and crash
Inventory Manager states SNMP errors when archiving XSR
After upgrading the controller from 8.11.11 to 8.32.10 APs lose POE on Cisco switch
What is the Disadvantage of Setting the DHCP Snooping Threshold to One?
Upgrading from 9.01.03 to 9.12.01 the access points 2.4GHz radio channel plan is changed from custom to auto
Memory Depletion due to the command show port transceiver info
How to Configure Ridgeline 4.0 to be a Syslog Server
B5 Family & Roles
Intermittent Audio Distortion in AVB Stream with SNTP Client enabled
AP3715 resets with message: Received Standy Request from Wireless Controller
NAS-IP is showing all zeros sent from the controller
N-Series - Error Message : System[1]Code check CRC Hard Error
How To Locate A User Using Netsight Console
How to Remove an IP from a Physical Port While Allowing L2 traffic to Pass on a Wireless Controller?
NetSight Notification error Fusion IPC is invalid
Can the B5-Series be an NTP server?
K-Series rebooted with serverWatchDog.5(Host)
Access points static IP not displaying when a backup config is loaded on a new controller
After upgrade to Version Mexico not available in country list with ROW licence
B2 - not linking on 100mb fiber - MGBIC-LC05 transceiver being used
How To Find Switch In Network When IP Address Is Unknown
Can you configure SSH & Telnet through WebView on a Securestack Switch?
What type of ports are on the VSB part# SOV3208-0202
Passive PoE is not working with Mikrotic gigabit products
SSA: Reset with Fault Log message: Assertion failed: SOC_REG_IS_VALID
FDB not being learned on LAG member port
IPv4 route not added. Reached configured # of IP Route reserved-entries.
Routing issue between devices on two separate subnets
Netflow stopped sending flow packets on S-Series
Unable to manage SecureStack from remote subnet
Adding module to VSB Bonded system fails to initialize with heartbeat errors
What are the labels 100+ and 200+ referencing on the S-Series option module slots
K-Series - devices no longer receiving POE power - POE port status shows: requesting power
Will enabling jumbo frames on ports cause interruption to users?
Does the S Series support 10GbaseT
Does the N series have option module(s) that support 10GBASE-T?
Can a Brocade switch be a part of an EAPS ring?
Error getting congestion statistics from BDXB-100G4X linecard
S-Series: Inserting replacement blade causes momentary disruption to network traffic
How to configure Securestack to log user logins.
All routed traffic is being black holed
How to factory reset access point 4522
Packet loss to WM3600 when L2 port-channel is configured
How To Find The Serial Number of an X-Series IOM
IPv6/OSPFv3 default-route origination not learned between Extreme Summit and Brocade MLX
Can NAC Forward Client Info to Syslog
How to configure LACP Passive mode on a Link Aggregation Group (LAG) for S-Series switch
Does NAC have msi installers for assessment agent?
Is LSNAT Supported on S-Series, K-Series, and 7100-Series?
VRRP messages indicating (rc Operation failed)
How to enable debug on a Dragon Windows host sensor
D-Series Not providing PoE, System Reporting No Power Supply Installed
Does NetSight require a senders email address in order to send emails
How to enable Spanning tree on the S4-Series?
Only half of the IdentiFi Wireless clients in a certain subnet can get online
S-Series: Blade reset due to corrupted packets being delivered to the host
Port Isolation and IGMPv3
What does the following message indicate in the access point logs (ap.log): kernel: txpower (2412[10080] - HT20)
RADIUS Accounting Settings Not Getting Updated on B5 During Enforce From NAC Manager
Kern info events regarding IPv4 Unicast packets
K-Series - Newly installed linecard does not provide link
How to prevent NTP security threats in WiNG 5.5 and earlier
S-Series: Boot Loop during boot file system check and WatchDog in tRootTask
How to remove an existing configuration file
Are the 5 meter and 10 meter passive copper cables supported on all 10Gb Ethernet ports?
VSB port receive LEDs are solid amber
Optical port with SR XFP Module is stuck in ready state
What is the maximum amount of End Station (ES) per NAC appliance?
Access Point displays a serial number 0000000000000001 on the wireless controller.
Issues with clients staying connected to an Access Point that has bad signal (Sticky Clients)
Securestack reset with error nim_events.c(213) listing components (EDB)
I'm not able to apply my WS-APCAP-16 or WS-APCAP-1 Capacity License Key to a C35
Dragon: Is Dragon v7.5 IPS vulnerable to the openssl CVE-2015-1793 vulnerability?

Wednesday, August 05, 2015:
How many devices will Ridgeline 4.0 support?
LACP sharing ports connected to one MLAG peer flaps during the reboot of the other MLAG peer
How to exclude a subnet from using a route-map on S-Series allowing use of local routing table instead
EAPS process crash when EAPS shared port is deleted
What is the tBGTask process in ExtremeWare?
Why is sysUpTime only a few days when device has been up over 500 days?
Verifying PIM Configuration
Installed QSFP+ Cable Operates in Summit X770 but shows as Unknown/Unlicensed Transceiver
SIEM Configuring Selective Forwarding
How to create a backup archive in Inventory Manager
After replacing a Summit X670 with a Summit X670G2 Penultimate Hop Popping no longer works.
Scalance Access Point W786C-SFP missing under the AP maintenance menu drop down.
Switch fails boot and does not respond via COM port
Where is a directory files can be safely removed from SIEM console
100FX/1000LX optics do not work on Summit X450-G2
Netsight Topology Manager is not enabled by default on new deployments of Netsight 6.3 and above.
Can Load Groups Or Band Preference Groups Be Synchronized Between Wireless Appliances?
After downloading and installing SSH module, "Image Selected" information reverts back to active partition.
OneView Error while accessing DataCenter information
What default SNMP credentials are present in EXOS?
How to recover password on Secure Stack with only SNMP Access and Inventory Manager
Wireless Appliances Resetting on 9.21 Due to MU Session Manager

Thursday, August 06, 2015:
How to block ICMPv6 MLD Reports from Network PCs and IP phones.
?Download bootrom memorycard? command says incomplete when executed
XGM3 Module Not Recognized on X460
K-series line card failure (Slot 1 Line Card) detected fatal condition.
Expanding disk space for Netsight Apppliance using
Error Applying IdentiFi AP Capacity License
How to Upgrade SIEM from 7.7.0 to 7.7.1
Ports on X460-G2-VIM-2X-B-1 not working
No lightspeed support in 2.5_1 OFConnect
What are the IdentiFi Wireless Appliance upgrade paths?

Friday, August 07, 2015:
Applications tab in OneView is not shown - What Netsight License is needed for Purview
No traps displayed in Netsight Console
NPS server silent discard of Radius Request
IdentiFi - Controller unable to send backup configuration file to FTP server
K/S series router interfaces not coming up on new install
Purview licensing recommendations

Saturday, August 08, 2015:
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That's a great list of articles Ken.  Thanks for making it easy for the community to get a head's up on new content posted to GTAC Knowledge.