2015-11-02: New GTAC Knowledge Articles October 25 - October 31, 2015

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Here are the new articles that were published last week
(October 25 - October 31 2015) in GTAC Knowledge:

Sunday, October 25, 2015:
How to Change the Boot Partition from within the SummitWM3000 CLI
Switch configuration is lost after upgrade

Monday, October 26, 2015:
Cannot ping EXOS Switch
MPLS: bcm_mpls_port_add failed for unit
MSM/IO module is not powering up.
Isolate Duplicate Address Detection (DAD)
How to use Combo ports on summit switches
Siem: Cannot launch the Rules Wizard
S-Series blade reset - Too many aged responses
How come I cannot configure lldp with classification on a X450e-48p?

Tuesday, October 27, 2015:
What are the supported system limits per IdentiFi Wireless Controller?
Identifi - Access Point WS-AP26XX does not turn on
Can you mix Class 140 or 180 I/O modules with Class 150 fabric modules?
Ports on X670V-48t are flapping when connected to Oracle Netra X5-2 server at 10G speeds
Switch rebooting caused by memory depletion by CLI process on EXOS
How to do native stacking between two X450
Reboot of switch because of failed process aaa
What is the maximum number of AP's that can be adopted to a WM3700 using Mint Level 1/2?
What is the pinout for RJ-45 console port on the Summit & BlackDiamond switch?
Ping drops on the summit stack for vlan mgmt
How to configure a stack of Summit X670 and X460 using SummitStack-V over 10GE
Understanding dynamic vlan egress
How to create a custom report with Purview and then schedule it to be emailed automatically
Can ports of different speeds belong to the same Link Aggregation Group (LAG)?
Can you use different power cords supplying 240v and 120v in a switch?
7100-Series reset and error message containing: Fdb::ModHwCount(1) failed

Wednesday, October 28, 2015:
Ridgeline XNV works with VMWARE vCenter without any issue even though the repository server setting for VM monitoring shows errors on ?Input Validation? (Status unsuccessful).
Unable to contact switch stack with snmp after issuing clear snmp commands
Congestion and Packet loss during Snake Test
How to Clear Logging Buffer in S-Series
What RADIUS Attributes are Supported by the 800-Series?
Why is Radius Accounting grayed out in Policy Manager for D2 switches?
Status for MLAG is wrongly showing as "Protecting" in Ridgeline when the MLAG port is UP
Bootloader image corrupted.
What is the procedure to recover passwords on a Securestack via the reset button
Where do I find what access points are supported on the IdentiFi Wireless Appliance
802.11k Options not compatible with Ascom i62
Multiple switches log "Login failed through SNMPv3 - not in life time" when polled by NMS
Will adding a second Fabric Module to an S-Series chassis cause any interruption?
How to get the switch configuration when using virtual routers
K-Series switch port showing Dormant when not in lag or part of VSB setup
Loss of Connection or "Limited or No Connectivity" where client repair will restore network access

Thursday, October 29, 2015:
What Does ?i? and the ?e? Indicate at the End of the Access Point Part Numbers?
How to determine whether the Dragon Siem file system is full.
Ports being used by Purview that may be getting blocked by a firewall
dynamic ACL fails after upgrading
Disabling mlag ports and removing mlag config to add or delete ports from LAG, drops packets are observed
SSH access-profile using policy doesn't work for IPv6
How to change the amount of time it takes for the controller to disassociate a wireless client that is no longer on the network
Switch has invalid hardware config. Nim0 has invalid board id 0x80
How much POE wattage do Identifi access-points require and how much POE wattage do SecureStack switches support?
Power supply values are not fetched properly in switch screenplay
Ridgeline Syslog Server
S Series Lost configuration after adding new option module
Summit X440-48p No Long Delivers PoE
AP3610s moving between Primary and Secondary Wireless IdentiFi appliances, with Tunnel timeout messages in the appliance logs.
Securestack VRRP error: Invalid VLAN ID
OneView - could not load report error on NMS dashboard
Why does Ridgeline report that "incoming SNMP traps reached maximum"?
Why doesn't the Summit X670V recognize an SFP in ports 45-48?
Is There Any Harm Removing RO and/or RW Accounts From Securestack Switches?
WS-C5210 fourth ethernet RJ45 port won't link esa3 is enabled
10GBASE-CR SFP connected to 1G port
SSA Fatal Interrupts with Task: tConsMon - Injection Point: workQLib.c:795
Understanding OSPF CheckRmapImportPolicy log messages
Connectivity Issues When GRE Tunnel is Active

Friday, October 30, 2015:
SecureStack reset with Fault(0x00000300) error message
EAPS superloop observed while rebooting controller of a shared segment
What version of Java is specified in Netsight 5.1 release notes
Does the Oneview works withthe http services stopped on the server?
Does Asset tag information for Summit switch show in custom attribute within Inventory Manager?
Can the New Device Configuration in OneView be completely automated?
Unable to configure router on N-Series
S series syslog show logging buffer not presenting entire log
How to Configure an S-Series, N-Series and K-Series to Route Wake on Lan Packets
Execution Sequence for EOS Policy Rules
How to Configure EOS Policy to Deny all other traffic after Permitting only certain traffic
Summit switch keeps power cycling
What LLDP commands are needed for an Avaya phone configuration?
IdentiFi wireless client getting IP address in incorrect subnet range
What Countries are Covered under a WS-CTLREG8P-ROW License?
What Countries are Covered under a WS-CTLREG8P-NAM License?

Saturday, October 31, 2015:
Not all packets are flooded
NAC Manager fails to start with error Unable to launch the application
Photo of Thomas, Ken

Thomas, Ken, Alum

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Posted 3 years ago

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Photo of Curtis Parish

Curtis Parish

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The article "How much POE wattage do Identifi access-points require and how much POE wattage do SecureStack switches support?" states that "SecureStack switches supply 375 watts of POE for the total switch.  That statement is not correct for the entire line of SecureStack switches.  
Photo of Drew C.

Drew C., Community Manager

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I see the article was updated yesterday to more accurately reflect their behavior.  How does it look?
Photo of Curtis Parish

Curtis Parish

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I think the article needs to either be deleted or just state for users to refer to the data sheets.  

  Only added wattage for C5.   That ignores the As and the legacy switches..  For example an  A4H124-24P is 370 watts while an A4H124-48P is 415 watts.  I know the legacy switches are different too. 

states that Identifi access points conform to 802.11af and require a maximum of 15.4 watts.  Some Identifi access points are 802.3at .  
Photo of Thomas, Ken

Thomas, Ken, Alum

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Curtis, I had a similar thought about adding links to some the data sheets. Perhaps maybe the article could be changed to give one specific example of how to make the determination for specific items and then give some information that could help others with similar questions for different details. would this make the article better and address most of your problems?
Photo of Curtis Parish

Curtis Parish

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From my perspective if I read something in a knowledge base article I (want to)  believe it is true.      This one looks like they took a specific question regarding  specific switch and WAP models and tried to make it generic.  Problem is there is not a generic answer that incompasses the  specs for all securestack and identifi products. So yes using this article as a specific example for specifically listed equipment is a better idea. Then add instructions for locating the information for the other models.  
Photo of Thomas, Ken

Thomas, Ken, Alum

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thank you Curtis for sharing that, if you submit that as feedback on the article itself, we have a processes that will pick that up and get it reviewed by a knowledge domain expert.

The feedback section is at the bottom of the article under the heading "Feedback: was this article helpful?"

Note, you have to select NO to be able to enter text comments in the current gtac knowledge article feedback.