2015-10-05: New GTAC Knowledge Articles September 27 - October 3, 2015

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Here are the new articles that were published last week
(September 27 - October 03 2015) in GTAC Knowledge:

Sunday, September 27, 2015:
What commands show port vlan and tagging information
Intermittently Not All Multicast seen by Client in IGMP Environment

Monday, September 28, 2015:
What is a Firewall Friendly External Captive Portal on the IdentiFi Appliance?
S-Series logs lengthy Fuji LU MAIN Message and Fails to Boot
Dante devices (Audinate) not working when connected with EXOS Switches
What are some general troubleshooting steps I can take on the Microsoft Surface?
How to send Identifi Wireless client MAC address in the URL to an External Captive Portal

Tuesday, September 29, 2015:
Does port numbering scheme transition from Summit Standalone switch to a SummitStack switch?
No access to CLI Proxy for screenplay with Mac OS X
Remote WLAN services are not propagating to all appliances in the Mobility Domain
Warning: received IGMPv3 query on vlan vlanx configured for IGMPv2 from x.x.x.x logs
Max-burst-size of rate-limit
ACL slice hardware full on Summit X650
VOIP phone MAC address remains learned in data VLAN
DHCP clients don't always get an IP address in peak times on heavily loaded access points
What is the meaning of the LED indicators for the AP4620?
Will installing a permanent key cause an outage on over capacity APs
Summit: How to convert standalone deployment to a stack.
Netsight: How to change the SNMP timeout to affect contact lost events?
Dragon: How to modify the banner seen when logging into the appliance from the command line
How to configure PXE boot to function across router on Modular products
Unable to configure SSH2 Access-Profile

Wednesday, September 30, 2015:
S-Series: Fabric Reset with "<1>MCNXMGR[5.tDispatch]Out of sequence in invalidate response"
MPLS LSP (LDP/RSVP) is not formed when BGP is used as IGP routing protocol
problem with PVLAN on multiple slots
HAL crash occurs when redirect-port-list action contains more than 64 ports
Ridgeline Schedule Configuration Backup feature is not working
MSMA and MSMB lost contact with IO Slot
How To Push Congiuration Template To A Switch In NetSight Inventory Manager
Clients unable to pass traffic after associating with SSID
SpanningTree Topology Changes Seen From Downstream Device
How To Remove A Static LAG From Switch Configuration
How to create an extranet account
How do I configure PIM on a K-Series?
Policy manager message Error(s) were encountered enforcing Roles on the following devices
Are the V2110 Licenses specific to VMware and HyperV?
How To Mirror Specific Type of Traffic
Switch Fans Spin Intermittently Without Power Source Connected to the Power Supply
NAC Facebook Login with v2.4 Facebook app will not display usernames correctly

Thursday, October 01, 2015:
NLB solution for multi-port ARP in X450 and BD8800 series switches
Is it possible to move an existing VLAN to a different virtual router (VR)?
Kernel Error Messages: Fatal exception: panic in 5 seconds / bad: scheduling from the idle thread!"
Unable to launch Ridgeline due to Large Database
Error light lit on Both MSM A&B
Are Dragon 8.3 HIDs supported on Solaris 11?
What is the OID to poll the "Packets To CPU" information
Apple devices keep asking for password when roaming between access points
End system with "NAC System misconfigured" error in NAC Manager
Cannot Rehost License for 7100/S/K/C5-Series or NetSight
CliMaster process crashes with Signal 6
Siem: Events stored from NFS storage are not available for 2 days after restore
MVRP packets cause FDB learning on STP blocked port

Friday, October 02, 2015:
Wireless Appliance Dynamic ARP entries exceeded messages flooding the log
Controller reports can't change antenna selection on active WDS link on AP's with only internal antennas
show inline power output error
i2C EEPROM error messages during reboot
NetSight SMTP e-mail fails with error javax.mail.AuthenticationFailedException
Switch isn't recognizing the transceiver
Will SNMP polling work during low memory
How to configure l2pt profile in Extreme Switches
Netsight: Cannot set port alias on Summit Switch

Saturday, October 03, 2015:
How to Configure the 800-Series to Drop IPv6 Traffic
Ridgeline detects VMAN and VLAN with the same vlan tag/vlan name
What is DCS channel occupancy threshold and what considerations are there for configuration
How to locate Maps in NetSight OneView 6.2 and newer
7100g series High process "Switch POE" when no devices are requesting POE power
What is the purpose of interface tap0 in the wireless controller?
How to take tcpdump off the wireless tap0 interface
How to remove an access list
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Thomas, Ken, Alum

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Posted 3 years ago

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Photo of Curtis Parish

Curtis Parish

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Thanks for posting these each week.  I usually learn a few things.  
Photo of Buster Flynn

Buster Flynn

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I 2nd the thanks...this is a great way to find tips on stuff I didn't even know I needed.
Photo of Drew C.

Drew C., Community Manager

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Thanks for the feedback, guys!  It's always good to know that the effort we're putting in is benefiting others.
If you've got suggestions for improvement, we're open to that too!
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EtherMAN, Embassador

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I have been Purple since the beginning and by far this is the most customer and product centric thing Extreme has ever done.  I consider this group and forum the standard other vendors should be trying to match.  None of them are even coming close to the community input and involvement and the support you and your other Extreme Networks employees are putting in this so it is the Gold Standard for other to follow. 
Photo of Thomas, Ken

Thomas, Ken, Alum

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this is the sort of feedback that makes me want to try even harder to be even more helpful. thanks a bunch - made my day!
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Thanks your belief in purple networking solutions EtherMAN, Buster and Curtis.

Really appreciate you helping us build a thriving Community.  Keep the feedback coming and we'll keep building.  Lots more to do for you.....
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Don't forget red.  :-)  (EtherMAN said he was purple from the beginning but some of us were red)
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That's the best part of the community to me -- lots of big brains from red and purple backgrounds -- working together to solve problems, share ideas and build situational awareness.

It takes a community to run a modern network - purple, red, Cisco, Juniper, etc.  

All are welcome here!