PoE device knocks out my switchport until I reboot the switch

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Hey guys, I've been having this ongoing issue with my x440-48p's.

I had a contractor come in a few weeks ago, who kept trying to connect a low-end PoE switch to one of my switchports - using one of the powered ports on his switch to uplink.

Immediately upon connecting, the port on my 48p would start blinking amber/green. When he moved it to another port, he knocked out that port too. Affected ports kept blinking amber/green until I rebooted the entire switch. Then they were fine.

Recently, another contractor came in while I was on vacation and did the same thing. I read them the riot act of course, but now I'm curious: Am I going to have to reboot my switches again, or is there a way to clear the error status for a port?

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Jack Kelly

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Posted 4 years ago

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Paul Russo, Alum

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Hello Jack

Did you try to disable the port and disable inline power and re-enable.  In past when a port is in a failed state re-enabling them should bring them back.

What are the errors that the port is seeing?  You can do a clear inline-power stats port to clear the errors.

Let me know if this helps or if you are seeing other issues.  What version of code are you using?

I will try and reproduced.

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Paul Russo, Alum

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Great Jack.

I am still going to test.  If you get a log message one of the things we can look at is doing a dynamic UPM profile where if we see the log message automatically run these commands to bring the port up without user intervention.

 Does that make sense?

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Sumit Tokle, Alum

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@ Paul is absolutely correct. Let us know which software running on switch?

What is log messages appeared on switch when this issue happened? I could provide you the small script to reset that port automatically when certain alarms would get generated.
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Khawar Shehzad

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I am using 15.3.1 patched version. I am having the same problem. All of my ports went off at the same time :(. They are not coming back. I disabled/enabled the ports but that does not help. I restarted the switch. Did not helped. I rebooted with version 12 but the same problem i.e. ports are still off. 
To check whether my servers have the issue or not, i connected my servers to another switch and the lights were working on the other switch. I reconnected to the switch and the problem is still there. 
I have a single lan and i have auto-neg ON. 
Management port is working with easy ssh2 access, no problem there.
My switch is x450a-48p.
I am doing port mirroring on one port and the monitored and the mirrored port are on the same server, as is required.
I am doing an experiment which sends 1 Million queries for a certain service to a lan connected server within the cluster. All queries are the same e.g. same request and same response relationship.
The lights went off when the experiment was running. Dos-protection is off. 
Love is there, as i like extreme switch.
Any help Paul, any help Sumit. 
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Khawar Shehzad

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All the diagnostics have passed BUT i am having the following error in the extended diagnostics

Failed to receive of packet in test 8 loopback 2 iteration 0 error code 14
ERROR: Received 0 out of the expected 1 packets on user port 25 on MAC-0
ERROR: TX packet 1 did not return to CPU.

All ports are in a READY state BUT they are no going into the ACTIVE state EVEN though I unconfigured the switch. 

Any help. Anybody?
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Drew C., Community Manager

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Hi Khawar,
Since diagnostics have failed, please contact GTAC for further assistance.