PV-FC-180 GRE tunnel config problem

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Hello the Hub !

I need to configure PV-FC-180 to send analitycs data to PV Appliance.
I want to have a single interface configuration, where I am using two tg.1.2 and tg.1.4 interfaces configured as lag.0.1 and connected to MLAG core.

tg.1.1 is where mirrored traffic comes in (whole vlan mirror)

Here is my config (snipped - no snmp config):

configure terminal
 interface loop.0.1
  ip address primary
 interface loop.0.2
  ip address primary
  no shutdown
 interface vlan.0.1
 interface vlan.0.36
 interface vlan.0.103
  ip address primary
  no shutdown
 interface tun.0.1
  tunnel destination
  tunnel mode gre l2 tbp.0.1
  tunnel mirror enable
  tunnel source
  tunnel probe probe-name default
  no shutdown
# Static routes configured on routed interfaces
 ip route interface vlan.0.103 1

# ip interface
set ip interface vlan.0.103 default

# netflow
set netflow export-interval 1
set netflow export-destination 2055
set netflow export-version 9
set netflow port tg.1.1 enable rx
set netflow template refresh-rate 30 timeout 1
set netflow cache enable

# policy
set policy profile 1 name EMC_FS_Mirror pvid-status enable pvid 0 mirror-destination 1
set policy rule admin-profile port tg.1.1 mask 16 port-string tg.1.1 admin-pid 1
# port
set port disable vlan.0.1,36
set port disable loop.0.1
set port jumbo enable tg.1.1
set port jumbo enable tg.1.2
set port jumbo enable tg.1.3
set port jumbo enable tg.1.4
set port lacp port tg.1.2 aadminkey 1
set port lacp port tg.1.4 aadminkey 1
set port lacp port tg.1.2 enable
set port lacp port tg.1.4 enable
set port vlan lag.0.1 103
set port vlan tg.1.2 103
set port vlan tg.1.4 103

# spantree
set spantree portadmin tg.1.2 disable
set spantree portadmin tg.1.4 disable

# ssh
set ssh enabled

# telnet
set telnet disable inbound
set telnet disable outbound

# vlan
set vlan create 103
set vlan name 103 servers
clear vlan egress 1 lag.0.1;tg.1.2,4
set vlan egress 103 lag.0.1;tg.1.2,4 untagged

I get no GRE traffic on my PV aplliance.
All IP's (.73 .74 .75) are reacheable.

What is wrong ?


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Posted 7 months ago

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Official Response
You can try to do a 'show port status -interesting' to make sure all your expected ports are actually online.

Reviewing your configuration , it appears it can be simplified and omit loopbacks. It appears to be using only one subnet.
This KCS gives an example that has worked for many installations.