Q&A Session with the GTAC Knowledge Program Manager

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On April 13th, Extreme Networks Services announced the availability of GTAC Knowledge.

Hopefully you’ve had time to explore what the site has to offer and you may have questions about its inner-workings. 

I’m the KCS Program Manager for Extreme and I’ll be watching this conversation throughout the day on Friday, April 24th. If you’ve got questions about the GTAC Knowledge program, ask them here!  I’m also looking for feedback about your experiences so far.  

A few ideas to get the conversation going:

  • What do you like about GTAC Knowledge?
  • What kinds of information and articles would you like to see more of?
  • Any interest in Video articles?
  • Are there technical areas you’d like for us to place special emphasis on going forward?
Or ask me what's on your mind....

Thanks much!
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Ryan Mathews, Alum

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Posted 4 years ago

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Ronald Dvorak, Embassador

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OK let's start....
I'd like to see more about Netsight in general and especially about OneView.

Videos are great but please at least in 1080p so I'd see what is going on and not some blurry telnet session to a device that I can't identify.

As I've mentioned in another post I'd like to see some "alert" for new issues so I don't upgrade to the newest version just to find out that my VoWLAN phones are not working anymore *argh* and later find out that GTAC is aware of that issue.
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Ryan Mathews, Alum

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Thanks Ronald.  Appreciate the feedback about adding more articles on NetSight and high quality Videos.  We'll definitely get to work on that.

Here are a few OneView Articles that just got pushed out to GTAC Knowledge:

In our KCS workflow, these were all set to be published to GTAC Knowledge based on internal Reuse.  The more times we see this, the more confident that our resolution applies to that particular scenario.

Over time, you can expect GTAC to publish these known issues faster, and faster, and faster.  As you might expect, we're learning so I went ahead an expedited these.

Love the alerting/trending idea on knowledge articles published.  We need to do that as soon as we can.
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James A, Embassador

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Could you make a way to browse all the articles by category? Sometimes when I had some free time I used to do have a look through for hidden gems on the old KB, but now all I can see is the top 5 featured and popular articles.
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Ryan Mathews, Alum

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This is a great idea James.  Thank you.

You can do a bit of this currently with the filters out to the left (by Extreme SW for example).  However, its not nearly as effective as what you describe or will see in App Stores, etc.  We'll definitely try to work this in to a future iteration of GTAC Knowledge.
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McClane, Employee

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I'm always a sucker for reading through a 'Tips & Tricks' section... 
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Ryan Mathews, Alum

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Hey Chris,

Good suggestion for future content.  I assume you haven't found much of this on GTAC Knowledge yet, because our current content is exclusively How To, Solutions and Q&A.  Maybe you'd found some tips & tricks in the How To(s)...but I'm not sure this is a 100% match to what you're referring to.

Along those lines, we do have some future content development planned that will look more "tips & tricks" under the moniker  "Network Essentials".  Hopefully, our community can share some of their tips and tricks on the Extreme products on the Hub as well.  Matter of fact, Drew outlined this in the new category proposals for the Hub....again see Network Essentials:

For our knowledge management program, Network Essentials falls under the banner of our KCS Evolve Loop.  This will be content the team develops based on analytics we run on the current knowledge base.  

So, if you have a few things you'd like to see us write on "tips & tricks", let us know.

Thanks for the input...really appreciate it!
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Ryan Mathews, Alum

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We've reached a major milestone today in our KCS program and as a result, you'll see content published to GTAC Knowledge at an increased rate.

A moment ago, nearly 500 additional Solutions, How To and Q&A articles have been posted to the site (http://gtacknowledge.extremenetworks.com) with more on the way. 

Search early, search often.  You never know what you'll find!

May the GTAC be with you.
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Ryan Mathews, Alum

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We're seeing lots of Conversations on the HUB now linking to GTAC Knowledge and visa versa.  

This is a great trend that should continue as more and more knowledge is published to GTAC Knowledge.

If you've seen a solution that will help resolve a community issue on GTAC Knowledge, link to it here on the Hub.  

Long-term, we're working on Unified Search that will really make this go for our customers.  Unified search would allow you to run a query and there is a possibility you'd see a solution (from GTAC Knowledge) next to a relevant community conversation (the Hub).  If you got a hit on both sites, you'd have lots of context to determine if the resolution applies to your situation.  If nothing comes up on the query, that's a clue to us that we've got a content gap to fill.

All this works together.  We're glad to see members of the community using both sites to get the help they need.  Onward and upwards!
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M.Nees, Embassador

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i would like to browse KB articles by category - same as James A above.

Today i have to enter either a search string (i uses a category name here) but the articeles are not sorted by date - so a lot of old articles come first) or i have to choose a category (then i have to enter a search string). currently i am rely on someone who linked the article of the last week(s). But generally this is not very comfortable and i and very very much other users waste a lot of precious time to find any interessting articles.

Are there any improments are going on ?
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Ryan Mathews, Alum

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Thanks for the note and improvement suggestion Matthias.  We’ll definitely have this on our wish list for the future of GTAC Knowledge.

To implement this, we need to introduce an attribution schema that ensures content is accurately categorized across multiple repositories, etc.  Unfortunately, we don’t have this today in our KB’s metadata and to put it there is not an overnight fix.  That limitation is precisely why you see Ken Thomas post a note on the Hub each week for articles published out the previous week.  We fully acknowledge that “browsing” the KB by category is very difficult in our current implementation of the knowledge base.

We’re also going to improve knowledge article find-ability with improved search and present results in a unified way across multiple repositories (i.e. public website, community and kb).  

So, as you can see we’re limited to “Search and Navigate” currently in our knowledge delivery, but have plans in the future to improve your experience a great deal.

Thanks for checking in on this!