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Hi everyone,

I have strange behaviour on our SSA switch (SSA-G1018-0652).
I'm trying to set up banner for login and motd ... and I can't.

I tried to input text with single quotes, double quotes, without anything, removed all special characters, even tried single word.

/*removed*/(su)->show banner login

/*removed*/(su)->show banner motd

/*removed*/(su)->set banner login sample text
/*removed*/(su)->show banner login

/*removed*/(su)->set banner login "sample text"
/*removed*/(su)->show banner login

/*removed*/(su)->show config banner
This command shows non-default configurations only.
Use 'show config all' to show both default and non-default configurations.
# Chassis Firmware Revision:
# banner
Am I doing something wrong or this is some interesting case ;)?

Additional question, are there any other special characters I can use apart from newline (\n) and tab (\t) in banners?

Best Regards,
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Posted 3 years ago

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     I just tried setting both the login and motd  messages on an SSA-G10108-0652, which I did successfully.   I used the commands

set banner login This is the pre-login message
set banner motd This is the motd message

When I tried to login to the switch, I got the message "This is the pre-login message"   (without the quotes).   After successfully logging in, I saw the "This is the motd message" as expected.

One difference I noted is that I am running code.    You might want to check the release notes of the code versions between that you are running and  There may have been a fix for your issue.
Another note, after the pre-login message, I was presented with a "Proceed to login? (y/n) [n]?" message which you need to answer "y" (without the quotes).   I was not expecting that message.

As expected, "clear banner login" and "clear banner motd" will clear the messages.

    Best wishes,
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The prompt after the login banner is the correct behavior. This banner is usually used to inform people about Acceptable Use Policy BEFORE they log into the switch and requires an explicit response from the user. Answering "y" means you agree with the AUP and will let you continue with the login process. Answering "n" will terminate your session .

The motd banner, on the other hand, is informational and does not require any action from the user.