Summit Switch port showing nearly same traffic on TX & RX so how to know what traffic on port

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Hi Team,

Please help here with diff command which i can use to check traffic on port .
already checked l2 stats, monitor port statis but not able to see any issue ..
Utilization Averages                            Wed Dec  9 01:47:00 2015
Port     Link    Link   Rx             Peak Rx       Tx            Peak Tx
         State   Speed  % bandwidth    % bandwidth   % bandwidth   % bandwidth
SDP3_b_S> A       100      72.87        100.00         72.91          100.00

i have to find what traffic is there on this port .. or please confirm if any bug is there in current version which shows traffic on port ....

WBKOLKOLINS02.60 # show l2stats vlan "SCTP_INT_2"
Bridge interface on VLAN SCTP_INT_2:
Total number of packets to CPU = 4454.
Total number of packets learned = 2964.
Total number of IGMP control packets snooped = 263.
Total number of IGMP data packets switched = 0.
Total number of MLD control packets snooped = 0.
Total number of MLD data packets switched = 0.


WBKOLKOLINS02.62 # show version
Switch      : 800163-00-08 0904G-80565 Rev 8.0 BootROM:    IMG:
XGM2-1      :

Image   : ExtremeXOS version v1531b4-patch1-29 by release-manager
          on Fri Jan 3 12:28:51 EST 2014
BootROM :
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Posted 3 years ago

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Have you considered turning sflow on and running it on the ports you are interested in looking at types of traffic... No hit on performance and would give insight as to what type of traffic is on the ports... 

Add this port to a gig interface as a mirror would also tell you what is there but then you would have to be on the switch or setup a remote mirror service and port ...  

We use sflow a lot on everything from core switches to edge ... 8900's  to 430's .. and keep about 14 days of flows on about 4000 interfaces so it is great way to spot problems in the network. 
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Please share how to configure S flow in summit switch on perticular vlan or port ..

& what output i have to check
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config sflow agent (ip of switch)
config sflow collector ( ip of your collector ) vr  vr-def  (if you're using the default) virtual router.
enable sflow port ( port list of all the ports you want to look at flows or all if you want all ports )
en sflow 

you will need a collector to gather the information and give you data about the flows. That collector must be able to reach the switch and the switch must be able to reach your collector.    It takes about 5 minutes before data starts showing up.  We use Orion but have used many other programs for this.

Very simple to set up... remember this is sampling of flows and not every packet but over time it will give a great picture of what is going on on each port... 

I am sure one of the Extreme team can point you to the configuration guide and maybe some other have other programs they use as a collector.. 
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You could mirror the traffic on that port to look at in Wireshark.  It's a 100M link @ 72% utilization.  A capture from a 1G interface on a laptop will work nicely.
Here's How To Enable And Configure Mirroring In EXOS.

Also, you included show l2stats output.  When is the last time you cleared the counter?  That number is cumulative from the last time it was cleared and unless it is rapidly increasing (thousands per second), there is generally no cause for concern.