Urgent ,Getting a wrong DSCP value ,Vary urgent

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I am trying to config ExtremeXOS version to bypass DSCP values without Doing Any marking or replacement ,but i am getting DSCP value of 0 in the next node ,

below is my configuration:

QoS Profile:    None configured  
Ingress Rate Shaping :          Unsupported 
Ingress IPTOS Examination:      Disabled    
Ingress 802.1p Examination:     Enabled     
Ingress 802.1p Inner Exam:      Disabled    
Ingress 802.1p Priority:        0                          <======
Egress IPTOS Replacement:       Disabled    
Egress 802.1p Replacement:      Disabled    

all traffic is passing through QP1

Qos Monitor Req Summary                          Wed Nov  9 13:14:54 2016        Port   QP1      QP2      QP3      QP4      QP5      QP6      QP7      QP8        
       Pkt      Pkt      Pkt      Pkt      Pkt      Pkt      Pkt      Pkt        
       Xmts     Xmts     Xmts     Xmts     Xmts     Xmts     Xmts     Xmts       
13     45947598 0        0        0        0        0        0        1928       

CodePoint->QOSProfile mapping:

        00->QP1 01->QP1 02->QP1 03->QP1 04->QP1 05->QP1 06->QP1 07->QP1

        08*>QP1 09*>QP1 10*>QP1 11*>QP1 12*>QP1 13*>QP1 14*>QP1 15*>QP1

        16*>QP1 17*>QP1 18*>QP1 19*>QP1 20*>QP1 21*>QP1 22*>QP1 23*>QP1

        24*>QP1 25*>QP1 26*>QP1 27*>QP1 28*>QP1 29*>QP1 30*>QP1 31*>QP1

        32*>QP1 33*>QP1 34*>QP1 35*>QP1 36*>QP1 37*>QP1 38*>QP1 39*>QP1

        40*>QP1 41*>QP1 42*>QP1 43*>QP1 44*>QP1 45*>QP1 46*>QP1 47*>QP1

        48*>QP1 49*>QP1 50*>QP1 51*>QP1 52*>QP1 53*>QP1 54*>QP1 55*>QP1

        56->QP8 57->QP8 58->QP8 59->QP8 60->QP8 61->QP8 62->QP8 63->QP8 

what is wrong with my configuration ??? 

Do i need to Set different Ingress 802.1p Priority value ??
or Ingress 802.1p Examination ???

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Posted 2 years ago

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Bill Stritzinger, Alum

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In order to classify the traffic you need to enable .1p examination on the port as well as mapping the code point to the correct Qosprofile.  In addition the qosprofiles are not created (besides QP1 and QP8) by default even though you see them.


configure diffserv examination code-point 45 qosprofile qp6
create qosprofile qp6
enable diffserv examination ports 13

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Hi Zool, both DSCP and 802.1p are used for QOS priority, but they work in a different way.

In a simple description, DSCP is for L3 traffic (IP packet) and 802.1p is L2 traffic (3 bits used from a vlan tagged frame).

The first question here would be: What priority mechanisms are you willing to use? DSCP or 802.1p? 

If you are working with DSCP, you have to enable DSCP examination and also change the default DSCP mapping as already described by Bill.
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Hi Zool, Welcome to The Hub!
Keep in mind that if you urgently need assistance, your best bet is to contact GTAC.  Looks like Bill and Henrique jumped on this pretty quickly though :)
See:  How to contact Extreme Networks Global Technical Assistance Center (GTAC)
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Thanks for your quick response ,

Actually I am New In QOS concept , i am A telecom Engineer trying to forward the traffic from Access Node (BSC) to the Core Node (MSC) through extreme Switch .

[BSC](DCSP 46)=====>[extreme Switch]===========> [MSC]

I need to Bypass the traffic without marking or replacing  the DSCP value ,but with  the above mentioned Configuration on Port 13 the MSC received wrong DSCP value (0) .