XMC ZTP+ configuration (migration of config from old to new switches)

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Need to migrate running config from around 40 existing X460's switches to new X460 switches.

I was told ZTP+ can help in this regard, i was trying to search how to download the current running config from these switches but i couldn't find the answer.

went through some gtech documentation about ztp+, dhcp and dns setting requirements,  okay i got that part and the new switches will get discovered but once discovered how can we upload the config from old switches to these new ones before we decommission the old ones ?

is ZTP used only for discovering new switches and apply basic config or we can apply full fledged configuration from old switches to the new ones?
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Posted 9 months ago

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Couple of things to keep in mind.  First is what image the 460 are running and what type of 460 are you using.  The port layout may be a bit different between an older 460 and the newer 460 G2.  

As far as getting the configuration from one to the other we have a TFTP server setup and first upload the active configuration to the tftp server.  Using either the VR-MGMT or VR-Default .... 

upload configuration (your trtp server ip) primary.cfg vr "VR-Mgmt" 

This puts a copy of your configuration file on the server.

How do you see what configuration file you are using?  See below.

X430-24_TEST_1.3 # sh switch

SysName:          X430-24_TEST_1
SysContact:       PLW - noc@pslightwave.com - 832-615-8000
System MAC:       00:04:96:98:93:6C
System Type:      X430-24t

SysHealth check:  Enabled (Normal)
Recovery Mode:    All
System Watchdog:  Enabled

Current Time:     Fri Mar  2 10:51:02 2018
Timezone:         [Auto DST Enabled] GMT Offset: -360 minutes, name is not set.
                  DST of 60 minutes is currently not in effect, name is not set.
                  DST begins every second Sunday March at 2:00
                  DST ends every first Sunday November at 2:00

Boot Time:        Sat Feb 24 09:12:30 2018
Boot Count:       315
Next Reboot:      None scheduled
System UpTime:    6 days 1 hour 38 minutes 32 seconds

Current State:    OPERATIONAL
Image Selected:   secondary
Image Booted:     secondary
Primary ver:
Secondary ver:

Config Selected:  secondary.cfg
Config Booted:    secondary.cfg

secondary.cfg     Created by ExtremeXOS version
                  174669 bytes saved on Fri Mar  2 10:46:02 2018

You can reverse this process on your new switch by downloading the saved configuration file you uploaded.  You have to use the get command and it is a bit different  

tftp get (your trtp server ip)  vr "VR-Mgmt" primary.cfg force-overwrite

The default names for the two configuration buckets are primary.cfg and secondary.cfg.  

One more thing to look for is policy files for any ACL that me be in use.  You can see these by doing a ls command... you will need to do the same process as the configuration file.  

PLW_X460_5959Corp_3400.6 #  ls
-rw-r--r--    1 admin    admin         212 Nov  7 14:57 PEG_blocker.pol
drw-r--r--    2 root     root            0 Dec 26  2014 dhcp
-rw-r--r--    1 root     root       233010 Mar 15  2015 epicenter.cfg
-rw-r--r--    1 admin    admin       14605 Jan 15 03:08 nms.xsf
-rw-rw-rw-    1 root     root       238219 Jan 12 09:49 primary.cfg
-rw-rw-rw-    1 root     root       242477 Feb 15 15:47 secondary.cfg
drwxr-xr-x    2 root     root            0 May 13  2015 vmt

 1K-blocks      Used Available Use%
    121824      3164    118660   3%

If there are differences that have to be addressed due to image differences or port differences you may have to deal with those specifics one line at a time.  Sorry this is such a long read and if you have more questions after you try this on one switch shout back 
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Thanks for such a detailed answer,  process you showed would be my preferred  method to send config from old x460 to new ones, i have no idea right now  about current configs but day after tomorrow i will be unpacking the new switches and also will get to see what is running in the current switches and whether they are G2 or old ones.

my assumption will be, old and new switches might be of same configuration (port wise) because its not an expansion rather a replacement.

client want to use XMC for this migration i don't know how much viable XMC might be in this situation. will ZTP+ help in this scenario ? if yes how ?
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if the config is strictly the same, you have a "replacement unit" option with ZTP+ (XMC 8.0+): Edit your device (configure device), and select "remove from service" and set the S/N of the "Replacement unit", once discovered, that new S/N will inherit the last archived config of the previous unit. However, I don't think it's allowed to replace a unit with a different one... and that doesn't work with stacks. Have a look at it and try it on one unit to see if it can help.
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Hello, have deployed around 100 switches, with means of command line, ZTP+ was not an option as there was no DNS present. 
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if you have DHCP and switches with 21.1+, you could use JSONRPC for that.