XOS command like EOS show ip interface ?

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Exists in recent XOS firmware a commnd or commands which check the IP Parameters of a L3 Routing interface ?

Enterasys EOS does this the followin way:
Extreme B5
Chassis Firmware Revision:
sw-mg-eg(su)->router>show ip int
Vlan 2128 is Admin UP
Vlan 2128 is Oper UP
Primary IP Address is
Frame Type Ethernet
MAC-Address  20B3.99EC.7B0B
Incoming Accesslist is not set
MTU is 1500 bytes
ARP Timeout is 14400 seconds
Direct Broadcast Disabled
Proxy ARP is Disabled
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Posted 3 years ago

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The "show vlan" and "show vlan <vlan_name>" commands can provide similar information within EXOS.

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Hi Matthias,

I believe 'show ipconfig' should show what you want. The example below is from an MLAG test setup I have in the lab.

swi2.1 # show ipconfig
       Use Redirects : Disabled
       IpOption LSRR : Enabled
       IpOption SSRR : Enabled
         IpOption RR : Enabled
         IpOption TS : Enabled
         IpOption RA : Enabled
       Route Sharing : Disabled
   Route Compression : Enabled
  Originated Packets : Don't require ipforwarding
 Max Shared Gateways : Current: 4  Configured: 4
  Route Sharing Hash : CRC Lower
IRDP: Advertisement Address: Maximum Interval: 600 Minimum Interval: 450 Lifetime: 1800 Preference: 0
Interface IP Address Flags nSIA isc /30 EU----MPuRX--------- 0 v10 /24 EUf---MPuRX--------- 0 v11 /24 EUf---MPuRX--------- 0 v12 /24 EUf---MPuRX--------- 0 v13 /24 EUf---MPuRX--------- 0 v14 /24 EUf---MPuRX--------- 0 v15 /24 EUf---MPuRX--------- 0 v16 /24 EUf---MPuRX--------- 0 v17 /24 EUf---MPuRX--------- 0 v18 /24 EUf---MPuRX--------- 0 v19 /24 EUf---MPuRX--------- 0 v2 /24 EUf---MPuRX--------- 0 v20 /24 EUf---MPuRX--------- 0 v21 /24 EUf---MPuRX--------- 0 v22 /24 EUf---MPuRX--------- 0 v23 /24 EUf---MPuRX--------- 0 v24 /24 EUf---MPuRX--------- 0 v25 /24 EUf---MPuRX--------- 0 v26 /24 EUf---MPuRX--------- 0 v27 /24 EUf---MPuRX--------- 0 v28 /24 EUf---MPuRX--------- 0 v3 /24 EUf---MPuRX--------- 0 v4 /24 EUf---MPuRX--------- 0 v5 /24 EUf---MPuRX--------- 0 v6 /24 EUf---MPuRX--------- 0 v7 /24 EUf---MPuRX--------- 0 v8 /24 EUf---MPuRX--------- 0 v9 /24 EUf---MPuRX--------- 0
Flags: (A) Address Mask Reply Enabled (B) BOOTP Enabled (b) Broadcast Forwarding Enabled (D) Duplicate address detected on VLAN, (E) Interface Enabled (f) Forwarding Enabled (g) Ignore IP Broadcast Enabled (h) Directed Broadcast Forwarding by Hardware Enabled (I) IRDP Advertisement Enabled, (M) Send Parameter Problem Enabled (m) Multicast forwarding Enabled, (n) Multinetted VLAN (nSIA ) Number of Secondary IP Addresses (P) Send Port Unreachables Enabled, (R) Send Redirects Enabled (r) Unicast Reverse Path Enabled on at least one port of the VLAN (t) Tentative address, (T) Time Stamp Reply Enabled (u) Send Unreachables Enabled, (U) Interface Up (v) VRRP Enabled, (X) Send Time Exceeded Enabled

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Hi Brandon,
"show ipconfig" is the command which answer mostly my questions.

Do you know especially regarding ip proxy-arp - how to disable this on XOS ?

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There is no need to disable it, as EXOS will not do proxy ARP unless it is explicitly configured.

It can be set up for either specific addresses or an entire subnet.