CWP with Self Reg and UAP

  • 8 September 2020
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I am currently putting together a PoC for a customer. I am trying to achieve the following:


device connects to open SSID > UAP displayed > UAP accepted > Self Reg page dispalyed > user enters info > device accesses internet.

Unfortunately upon connecting everything works apart from the UAP being displayed.

Here is my SSID config:


Here is my CWP config:


I managed to download ‘User-Auth-Self-Reg-Example’ files and have editing index.html and associated files to suit the customers requirements.I am also happy with the outcome apart from the lack of User Acceptance policy being displayed. I would even settle for providing a link to UAP from the self reg page.


Can anyone help?

4 replies

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Hi Barry, I tested this out in my lab and it looks like you should see the self register page first, and at the bottom of that page you should see “Logging in indicates that you have read and accepted the User Policy” with a link to take them to the UPA itself. Do you see that in your self registration page?

Hi Sam,

Unfortunately I do not get the UAP page at all even though its selected. The only thing I can think of is that I have clicked 'import html' when creating/editing the CWP which seems to only have options for login, success and failure pages. I have edited the index.html to suit my clients requirements. 

I can send you a link to a screen recording of the user experience so far if I could get your email address (I may already have it :-)) 





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Of course, my email is

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Thank you for that video, that is different than what I’m seeing in my lab. Would you be able to send the html file you’re using so I can add that to my lab set up to see if that changes the behavior of the CWP?