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Need your help to this questions. Thanks 1. How many maximum extremewireless (AP3805 cloud ready) can manage and register in an 1 account extreme cloud? 2. When doing BOM. If he will purchased 5 items of AP3805i. Should I need to quote him 5 extremecloud subscription? 1 AP = 1 cloud subs?

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Please check the below KB link for maximum device support.

Nathiya M
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Thanks for response Nathiya. It means 100 AP per site and 10000 accounts can I create in 1 subscription? How about the question number 2 for does every AP purchase need cloud subscription individual?
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Correct - You can have one account with up to 10,000 APs today and an unlimited number of switches. MSPs can have an unlimited number of accounts with up to 10,000 APs each.
Each AP and/or switch requires its own individual subscription, that way they are all automatically provisioned in your environment when you first connect and as you add devices. No need to enter serial numbers, MAC addresses, etc... to get a device added to your account.