Network Policy device credentials and Global device settings credentials

  • 24 August 2020
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Hello everyone,


Hope you guys can help me with this one.

On extremeCloud IQ Connect, you can configure device credentials on the network Policies and also in the Device Management settings found on the Global settings of the instance.

I’ve been configuring on the Network policies but noticed that the changes didn’t take effect ( I’ve migrated from the old hivemanager and the password still is the one used there).

When I configured from the Global settings the credentials where changed after an configuration update.

I also noticed that the passwords on the network Policies have different requirements than the global one.

So, basically, when should we use the network policies, since it doesn’t seem to actually change the credentials for the APs? is it best to stick with the Global ones?


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Ricardo Marques

1 reply

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Hi Ricardo, there are three places to set device credentials in the XIQ: under the VIQ global settings, in the Network Policy (which overrides the global settings), and in the device specific settings (which will override the Network Policy settings). I would recommend setting device credentials either in the global settings (so all devices use the same password). Hope that helps!