ExtremeCloud A3 Whitelisting

Hi. I have a scenario whereby A3 is providing the CWP for public WiFi. Some device that need to connect to this need to stay connected to it. Therefore I need a way for these device to bypass the CWP. 


So far I have tried:

1. Import the device MAC, then assign the role and adjust the unreg date. Here the owner is set to "default". Is this correct.

2. Register the device via CWP for the first time, find the device on A3 and adjust the unregister date. 

Has anyone any other ideas as I feel there should be an easier option.  

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@Sam Pirok maybe one you could answer?

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Hi Barry.

the option 1 you mentioned will do the job. the registered device bypass the CWP.

the option 2 you mentioned will change the registration duration


My approach would be:

Create new connection profile and list of MACs there. In the connection profile you can define what will happen to those MACs.


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You can try something similar to the attached.

Thanks @Zdenek Pala. I'll give your suggestion a try.