A stake record of the device was found in the redirector

  • 14 January 2021
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Hi,  I have just purchased two AP370 units for my restaurant off ebay (used).  I am trying to add them but am getting a dialog saying “A stake record of the device was found in the redirector”

The serial number of the two units are as follows:


Hoping you can help. 

Peter - Australia!

2 replies

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Hi Mazarrol,


below a link to the FAQ> it’s the first Q/A in there






Q: Why am I getting the error “A stake record of the device was found in the redirector” and how do I fix it?

A: Device serial numbers can only be added to one device inventory at a time. This error indicates that you are trying to add a serial number that is already registered to a different inventory. To resolve this you can: 

  • Contact the previous owner and ask them to remove the device serial number from their inventory
  • Contact the community team for assistance at
  • Open a support case to request help with transferring the device to your ownership
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Hi Mazarrol, Ronald is absolutely right, those are the best ways to get around this issue. That said, I’m usually the one on the other side of the inbox anyway, and I was able to verify your ownership, so I went ahead and took care of those serial numbers for you. You should be able to add them to your inventory now, please let me know if you have any further issues onboarding those APs.