AP 250 registration problem

  • 13 January 2021
  • 1 reply


I just bought this Aerohive AP250 from XIANYU(some place like ebay in China).The seller said it is unused,but when I tried to register it on ExtremeCloud IQ,I got this error message “Device already onboarded”.I guess it has been registered by somebody maliciously because the seller didn’t blur serial number when he posted it.Is there anyway to remove this registration so that I can manage my AP250?I can provide purchase proof if it is needed.

1 reply

Userlevel 5

Device already onboarded typically means the ExtremeCloud IQ (XIQ) instance already sees that serial number added to your current inventory. Can you make sure there are no filters implemented on your Manage> Device page that might prevent you from seeing that particular AP in your inventory list?

If you are unable to find the AP in your inventory, please send me the serial number of the AP in question and your VIQ name which can be found by clicking the silhouette icon in the upper right hand corner> Global Settings> VIQ Management (under the Administration header on the left hand side menu)> VIQ Name should be the first thing listed on this page. 

If you’d like to send this information to me directly, please feel free to email