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  • 11 November 2020
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We have a several AP130’s when the channel is on auto it chooses 161 which is fine but when I put it on manual I can’t choose 161. I can only choose 36, 40, 44 and 48.
We only use the  20MHz 5GHz band btw.

Could someone tell me why I can’t choose the other channels in the manager.



7 replies

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Hello, I’m unable to replicate this in my lab, a new AP130 is showing all 5GHz channels when I go to set them manually.

Would you be able to add me as an external admin to your ExtremeCloud IQ instance with the email address I won’t make any changes to your settings, I just want to see what settings are in place to see if I can find out why those channels are limited for you.

If you do add me, could you please also let me know your organization name, which can be found in Global Settings> Account Details (midway down the page, under Organization Information). 

Okay that would be nice but do you also need admin rights?
The organization name is SCOPESCHOLEN.


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I do not need admin rights, operator level access would be fine. I’m not seeing that organization name in the list of organizations I have access to, could you tell me your VIQ name instead? You can find that in Global Settings> VIQ Management.

Okay I have added your email in our manager.

The name is VHM-FXCZSDEM

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Thank you for giving me access, I took a look at your settings but you’re using the default radio profile that I’m using in my lab, and you’ve got other APs using the same network policy without the channels being limited so we’ve ruled out most of the settings that could cause this already.

I did notice the AP has it’s country code set to the Netherlands, and my lab AP is set to the US, but if your AP can select channel 161 during auto selection then I don’t see why it couldn’t select it when setting the channel statically.

I think you may want to open a support ticket so our engineers can dig in to this a bit more with you. If you can let me know the case number, I will update the case notes with what I’ve checked so far so they don’t have to repeat any steps I’ve already taken. 

Thank you sam for looking into it.

The case number is  02281978



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Thank you for that case number, I’ve just updated the case with my notes for the technician working on the case with you. When the case resolves, if you could let us know the fix in case anyone else runs in to this issue in the future, that would be great!