AP305C LED flashing blue

  • 28 October 2020
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Hello community,

I can´t find information about the reason why the LED of some of our AP305C APs are flashing blue. There are no alerts in XIQ (except some high interference alerts). Can someone explain me the meaning of this behavior?

Thanks in advance.

4 replies

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You can see the meaning of the AP305c status lights on this page:


However it doesn’t seem to mention a blue light. Can you let me know the serial number of the device in question? 


The blue light on Aerohive devices typically means the device is booting up or there is no backhaul link. You can find that here:

Please apologize my late answer. I had to personally convince myself whether the LED was flashing blue or white. Indeed one AP is blinking white, which indicates that the AP operates in 802.3af mode. All other APs (partly on the same switch) the LEDs are in a steady white state.

I see the following line in the flash log of all APs
1970-01-01 00:02:40 alert   ah_dcd: devmgmt: PoE: Power source is in unsupportted POE status: 802.3af !

There is no difference between the AP that is blinking and all other APs. Neither in the log of the APs nor in the log or configuration of the switch(port).
Where can I check the current power mode in XIQ or CLI?
Why is 802.3af unsupported if it is compliant according to the data sheet of the AP305C?

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You can check the current power mode with the CLI command “show system power mode”. Can you confirm the switch has enough of a power budget to provide AF power to the number of APs connected to it? If you can confirm that, I’d recommend opening a technical support case so our engineers can run some debugs with you to get more detailed logs regarding the power state. 

The CLI command “show system power mode” answer:

show sys po mo
System Power Mode: Auto/AF

USB Port: On
GE Status
Eth0 UP

While I was checking the power budget of the switch the output of the above command changed to

show sys po mo
System Power Mode: Auto/AT

USB Port: On
GE Status
Eth0 UP

and the power value on the switchport changed from 15.7 to 20.7:

show power inline gi1/0/6
Interface Admin Oper Power Device Class Max
--------- ------ ---------- ------- ------------------- ----- ----
Gi1/0/6 auto on 20.7 Ieee PD 4 30.0

There are only 6 POE powered devices on the switch (Cisco 2960X-24PD-L), all AP305C and the power budget is sufficient:

show power inline

Module Available Used Remaining
(Watts) (Watts) (Watts)
------ --------- -------- ---------
1 370.0 123.9 246.1

There are no entries in the loggs of the AP regarding the change of the power mode.

I will let check the LED tomorrow by the local admin and give you an update.