AP340 Not connecting to ExtremeCloud IQ

I have recently purchased 2 AP340’s, and have been unable to get them to connect to ExtremeCloud IQ. Anyone have any ideas or advice


Best answer by TylerDC2004 1 July 2021, 20:08

my dhcp server goes to 220, but i will try the firewall stuff real quick


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Hi Tyler, this guide has all the steps to manually connect your devices to XIQ, hope that helps. 

I've tried all of that, it still isn’t connecting to XIQ.

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Are you able to ping from your AP? 


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Could you share the results of “show capwap client” and “int mgt0 dhcp-probe vlan-range 1 1”? The second command is assuming the AP is using VLAN 1, if it is using a different VLAN please replace the 1 with the VLAN number appropriate for the AP. If you’d rather send those outputs to me directly, please feel free to email me at 

CAPWAP client:   Enabled
DISCOVERY state: Sending Discovery packets to find the CAPWAP server
CAPWAP client IP:
CAPWAP server IP:
HiveManager Primary Name:
HiveManager Backup Name:
Virtual HiveManager Name:
Server destination Port: 12222
CAPWAP send event:       Disabled
CAPWAP DTLS state:       Enabled
CAPWAP DTLS negotiation: Enabled
     DTLS next connect status:   Enable
     DTLS always accept bootstrap passphrase:Enabled
     DTLS session status:Disconnect
     DTLS key type: passphrase
     DTLS session cut interval:     5 seconds
     DTLS handshake wait interval: 60 seconds
     DTLS Max retry count:          3
     DTLS authorize failed:         0
     DTLS reconnect count:          0
Discovery interval:      5 seconds
Heartbeat interval:     30 seconds
Max discovery interval: 10 seconds
Neighbor dead interval:105 seconds
Silent interval:        15 seconds
Wait join interval:     60 seconds
Discovery count:         3
Max discovery count:     3
Retransmit count:        0
Max retransmit count:    2
Keepalives lost/sent:    0/0
Event packet drop due to buffer shortage: 0
Event packet drop due to loss connection: 2


When I input the int mgt0 dhcp-probe vlan-range 1 command I get an incomplete command error



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Thank you for that output. The line “CAPWAP server IP:” tells us the AP isn’t able to reach the internet right now. 

My apologies, I left off the second one on that command, could you try “int mgt0 dhcp-probe vlan-range 1 1”?

local=DHCP server configured on local device;

DHCP server probing, use CTRL-C to stop
           1-  0(ms)
DHCP Tests performed for VLANs 1-1
Status: complete
Passed for VLANs: 1

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Thank you for running that for me. Is the IP address within the expected scope for your DHPC server? It looks like a self assigned address, so I just want to make sure. 


Other than that, I’d recommend double checking your firewall to make sure UDP 12222 and HTTPS/TCP 443 are allowing outbound traffic. If that checks out, you might want to open a support case so a technician can troubleshoot this with you live. 

my dhcp server goes to 220, but i will try the firewall stuff real quick


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Hey, just wanted to check in to see if the firewall was the answer here?