APs with sudden client spike, even though clients were pressent the while time.

  • 12 January 2021
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Looking for ideas or advice on what possibly could have caused this situation.

I have several outdoor APs in a location (ap1130 running which all morning had way too few client connections. This is a location where typical client count is 50-100 per AP at any given time). All but one of the APs had a drastic spike in client numbers around 9/930 am even though these clients were present all morning and not connecting for some reason.

One AP still was showing no clients, and after a reboot, started taking client connections (is currently up to 25 clients). Not sure if this device issue is related or separate but I was at least able to pull tech data from this outlier before and after the reboot. @samantha.lynn any chance you could take a look? I’ve never seen any situations like this before.

1 reply

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Hi John, I’d be happy to take a look at the tech data, please feel free to send that over to 


Also, the tag you used is an old one, I don’t get notifications for that tag any longer. You’d have better luck with @Sam Pirok =)