Better Interface Utilization Monitoring

  • 26 October 2020
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The graphical Monitoring → Wireless Interfaces information is nice, but nearly useless for troubleshooting since it appears to only look at 1 hour snapshots.  

I know that I can ssh into the AP and “sh int” to see live data… but I’m curious if anyone has done anything with another tool (we use LibreNMS) to monitor wireless interfaces for utilization stats?  In particular it would be helpful to see Interface Utilization… that seems to be the primary indicator of client connection/speed issues.

1 reply

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I agree, having this data averaged over an hour makes it of little use. This info is also presented under ML Insights>Network 360 Monitor>Wifi Health (wifi tile)>Channel Utilization Where you can view 10 minute chunks, however in this view it appears we’re being presented combined info for all APs on a floor, which is even less useful when troubleshooting potential issues.