Change Bulk Create csv email template on XIQ

  • 24 February 2021
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Hello guys,


is it possible to change the input of the email template users get if they do a bulk create on a ppsk user group?


I only want the username and Password to be in that file and seperated with a “;” instead of a “,”

4 replies

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Hello, if you log in to XIQ and go to Configure> Common Objects> Basic> Notification Templates> Click the plus icon to create a new template, you should be able to alter the email users receive when you create a new PPSK user for them. You would select that email template when you create the PPSK group, so that all users made in that group get the new template.  Is that what you were looking for? 

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Not really… When i bulk create user accounts and enter an email to receive the credentials

i receive an csv file like this:


Everything is in 1 column. So i want to change the comma to a semicolon so that it it easy to copy and paste. 

I want to receive it like this without changing it manually in notepad ++:


And if it is possible i want to change the template that it looks like this:



Hi dpanev,

Open Excel, then Data, Import from text, select the .csv file and tell Excel the separator is comma instead of semicolon. You will get a table like the one that you show as example. Just delete the unwanted columns and save as .csv

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I know how to handle it personally.


I want to make the life of my customers better who dont know how to use excel