Extreme 410C roaming Problem

  • 8 February 2021
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hello team Customer is having an issue roaming  with AP410c with Hiveos 10.2r4 



Alpeshkumar panchal



4 replies

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Hello Alpeshkumar,

what is your question regarding roaming? What is your setup and what have you done to narrow down the problem?



Hi Stephen , 



My client is complaining that it is a very common problem in r4 firmware. Many of them had rolled back.See down article. He is surprised that you want him to upgrade to r4 and do the packet capture.

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Hello Alpeshkumar,

many participants here in the forum are not Extreme Networks employees, but customers, partners and users who want to help each other . Extreme employees can be recognized by the hint of "Extreme Employee" after their name. Therefore, please refrain from statements like  “He is surprised that you want him to upgrade to r4 and do the packet capture.” I did not write that article.

What is your concrete question about roaming. We can only help you if you tell us what problems there are in the mentioned installation.

What is your question?

There does seem to be some major roaming issues with 410C. We got complaints about it on 2r3, (we downgraded from 2r4 since there was feedback about issues with 2r4).

Tried 3r1 and have been told that the roaming issues persists.

The issue:

Network is lost when moving between APs. Need to disconnect and reconnect for the network to respond again.

This does not seem to be a massive issue, as we have only had this complaint from a few users. Both on laptops with new drivers. There was no issue before we replaced our 320 APs with these. Due to corona most teachers teach from home, so may be that it is a issue for everyone, we just have fewer people at the schools these are installed on.



If anyone knows of a release that works properly with this AP please let us know :)